ESE Weekly Update

Week of September 30, 2015

In this week's update...

I. Accommodations Accessibility Reminder
II. October 7 Out of State Transfer In School Staffings- Information and Teachers Scheduled for Meetings
III. FTE Reminder
IV. Professional Learning Corner
V. Previous Issues of the ESE Weekly Update

Accommodations Accessibility Reminder

Please remember that it is a legal requirement that you provide ESE students with the accommodations identified in their TIEP. 1) You signed in acknowledgement that you received the accommodations sheets at the beginning of the year during planning week 2) ESE teachers also met with you face to face to review these and answer questions. If you have not received accommodations pages for students moved into your classroom due to a schedule change or new student registration, please seek assistance from the case manager. Case manager information can be accessed from this link.

Don't forget that eSembler can be used to document accommodations provided to ESE students. Open the assignment, then record comments for that assignment for impacted students.

October 7 Out of State Transfers- In School Staffing Morning

We have several ESE students who have transferred from out of state. October 7 is our scheduled day for the In School Staffing team to meet and review files for these students. The team will decide if additional evaluation is needed for these students or if we are going to accept their TIEP as it is. If you are a teacher invited to any of these meetings, please bring attendance data, performance data, and comparative data for that student compared to the rest of the class. A substitute will rotate to allow teachers to attend the meetings. Case Managers for these students will also attend. If you have any questions about scheduling, please seek assistance from Tina Anfuso.

Teachers Scheduled for October 7 In School Staffings:
  • Sharlene Byrd/ Lorraine Pioszak (P.H. 494796) approx. 7:45am
  • Jen Wasson/Leah Mendenhall (T. S. 409370) approx. 8:15am
  • Joe Kelly/Heather Smith (N. B. 489906) approx. 8:45am
  • Brendan Phillips (K. W. 496959) approx. 9:15am
  • Diane Krupyak/Heather Smith (J. E. 367719) approx. 9:45am
  • Sharlene Byrd/Heather Smith (J.P. 495502) approx. 10:15am
  • Randy Morrell/Pam Wright (S. S. 497051) approx. 10:45am
  • Claudia Bender/Lorraine Pioszak (D. C. 497872) approx. 11:30am

FTE Reminder

Don't forget that the FTE window is coming up in October. Please make sure that you are recording attendance accurately for every period. If you have any questions, please ask Betty Wipert. FTE is really important for funding our school.

Previous Issues of the ESE Weekly Update