Wildcat Cub Newsletter

Classroom news from Mrs. Johnson

Anchor book for the week:

The classic tale of the gingerbread man retold with a wild West flair. The gingerbread cowboy can outrun the rancher and other fun characters on the mesa, but what happens when he meets a coyote sleeping in the sun?

Whats happening this week???

This week we will continue our gingerbread theme. We will compare and contrast the gingerbread cowboy with the gingerbread man and gingerbread girl stories we read last week.

Explore and discover something new with your child every day.

This time of year we are so very busy. Lots of cooking and baking to be done. Our little ones love to help and are really good at measuring and stirring. Put them to work helping make your favorite family recipes. You'll make some yummy treats as well as some priceless memories.

Upcoming Events

Wear your pajamas to school: Thursday, December 17th

Winter break: December 18th - January 4th

School resumes: January 5th