Jenny Xun

Thanksgiving Aliteration

F- For family and fruit; fun, fresh, and fine.

E- For excitement, eating, and ever-lasting holidays.

A- For Autumn's acorns appearing all over the sidewalks.

S- For squash, stuffing, scones, and smells that fill the kitchen.

T- For tenderness, turkey, tales, and Thanksgiving most of all.

Ode to Dragons

When the first light of morning

peeks through the cold, gray mountains,

a sleek figure

emerges from the dark shadows below,

rushing through clouds

faster than a hawk.

Pausing for a moment

to admire her scales;

bright and iridescent,

painting the sky with specks of golden light.

Then swoops down,

wings folded,

and just as she was about to hit the ground,

wings open

then thin membrances catching the wind

which slows her down suddenly

as she carefully landed

with a thud.

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Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Yesterday was a bad day

I was gloomy

pouting, dragging my feet across the ground

face red with annoyance

stomping past some bookshelves

Today is a day of regret

"Why did i do that?"

or:"I should have thought about that at first."

Now I cannot go back,

and I cannot change anything

only regret what I did.

Tomorrow is a new day

Who knows what lies ahead of me?

So I think about that

and fix my frown into a smile

because tomorrow will be a good day.

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