Keowee's Flash Forward

News from Your Assistant Principal, Rhonda Grant


This past weekend I had the privilege of volunteering at Math Madness. It was so exciting to see so many students, parents, and teachers up early on a Saturday morning to celebrate math. Out of 9 events, Keowee took FIRST place in 3, and had 2 top 10 finishes! Congratulations to the winners and kudos to all of the participants. I was proud of ALL of our students. If you haven't ever participated, please consider volunteering next year--you won't regret it.

Tuesday evening I had the pleasure of helping induct new members into our Beta Club. These 4th and 5th graders have demonstrated high achievement in academics and modeled good citizenship for their peers. It's always an honor to be a part of this wonderful occasion. Special thanks to Mrs. Garland for sponsoring this club and coordinating such a meaningful event for these students and their families.

MAP testing started this week for grades 2-5. I'm so very proud of how many students have met or exceeded their goals! Stop by the block building and check out the bulletin board, To MAP Goals and Beyond, that Miss Hamilton and Mrs. Moore created to recognize our students achievements.

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21 Things Every Teacher (and Administrator) Should Do While on Spring Break

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1. Read a (whole) book. You spend a lot of time encouraging your students to read, so now it’s time to take your own advice.

2. Plan nothing. Imagine a day when you not only have no set plans or commitments, you also have no expectations.

3. Sleep (or at least stay in bed) until noon. Nineteen-year-olds are naturals at this, but you might have to put in some effort.

4. Buy something for your other rooms. You’re always buying stuff for your classroom so challenge yourself to buy something for a room in your own house today.

5. Bake a three-layer lemon cake. Or, you know, bran muffins. Anything you and your friends or family will gobble up. An afternoon of baking is always good for the soul.

6. Road trip! Pile your kids in the car or grab a friend, and then hit the road, Jack. You don’t have to know where you’re headed, because sometimes the thrill is in the unexpected.

7. Ask a non-school BFF on a date. Really good friends keep us happy, grounded and sane. Reach out to one of yours and catch up over coffee or lunch.

8. Scatter rose petals, blast heavy metal, dance in the streets or write your congresswoman. Whether it’s little or big, do something out of the ordinary, something that surprises the people around you.

9. Pretend it's the 18th Century. (Or even just 1980.) We’re all guilty of getting attached to social media and our phones. Turn off your access for the afternoon and focus on making, talking, singing, walking, whatever. Separating yourself from screens will really make you appreciate the world in a different way.

10. Field trip ... in your own town! When's the last time you toured the local train museum or visited the courthouse? Make it a point to go to at least one interesting public place while you’re on break.

11. Project runway. Clothes make the man/woman, haven't you heard? Go shopping already. Bonus points if you can put together an outfit that works both for school and for a night out.

12. Shop for the ultimate comfort shoe. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s a challenge worth taking. Hit the shoe store to find a shoe that is both comfortable and cute.

13. Don't scream, eat ice cream. Find one of those old-fashioned, hand-dipped ice cream parlors and treat yourself.

14. Go rustic. Pack a picnic and take a long hike. Nature relaxes the soul and brightens the spirit.

15. Catch up on life. We all have those things on our list that we just never seem to get to—putting together that photo book from last year’s vacation or emailing your friends from college.

16. Start planning (and fantasizing about) summer vacation. We are of the belief that you should always be planning your next vacation.

17. Throw a fake dinner party. You definitely deserve a night off from planning and cooking dinner. Order take-out, serve it on the good china, and never let them see you sweat.

18. Go for a massage. You won’t find a better way to relax than a 60-minute massage. Heck you might want to splurge and go for a full 90 minutes! Either way, this should be high on your priority list of things to “accomplish” during spring break.

19. Call your great-uncle Henry and your baby sister. We all have family or friends who don’t live close by, yet they are really important in our lives.Take time to call one or two of those people during your week off.

20. Organize yourself mentally. The hustle and bustle of life can take over so easy, making it confusing about what’s really important. Take some time to hit the reset button and get back to the things that really matter.

21. Be like a tree sloth. During the work week, it feels like it’s always go-go-go! So now is the time to slow way down, all the better to appreciate the little things, the big picture and your life.

Core Essentials Trait for April is...

FRIENDSHIP--Spending time with someone you trust and enjoy

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Word of the Week...

The WOW for April 5-8 is sporadically. On Friday, we will have two students from Mrs. Worsencroft's 3rd grade class on the news to share their original sentences using the WOW.

John Collins FCAs for April

K Details (content)

1 In a paragraph, use a topic sentence, three details, and a closing sentence (organization)

2 Complete paragraph with a topic sentence, three details with elaboration, and a closing sentence (content)

3 Details with elaboration (content)

4 Using text evidence (content)

5 Using text evidence (content)


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Teachers leaving for spring break
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March 28-April 1 Spring Break

Monday, April 4 Weather Make-Up Day (if needed)

Thursday, April 7 BLACK OUT for Relay 4 Life

April 5-8 MAP

April 11-15 MAP

Tuesday, April 12 Yo-Go Spirit Day

Thursday, April 14 SST @ 12:00

Friday, April 15 SIC @ 2:00

Friday, April 15 Family Movie Night @ 5:00

April 18-22 MAP

Tuesday, April 19 Volunteer Luncheon

April 20-22 SC Ready Math Labs A & B

Friday, April 22 Special Olympics @ Clemson University

April 26-27 SC Ready ELA

Wednesday, April 27 PBIS Sno-Cone Soiree

Thursday, April 28 SST @ 12:00

Friday, April 29 "Groovy Spring Book Fair" opens/70's Day dress-up

Friday, April 29 Early Release Day

April 29-May 4 Spring Book Fair

May 2-5 SC Ready Math Labs A & B

May 11-13 SC PASS Science Labs A & B

May 16-19 5th Grade Trip to Washington, DC

May 16-19 SC PASS Science & Soc. Studies Lab A

May 23-24 SC PASS Soc. Studies Labs A & B

Friday, May 27 Chorus to Carowinds

Monday, May 30 Memorial Day Holiday

Wednesday, June 1 Awards Day

June 1-2 Early Dismissal @ 11:30