Mighty Big Taft

Weighing Out Your Problems

Sidekick: Henry Lloyd

Henry Lloyd was helpful to Taft in that he was heavily involved with monopolies during Taft's time. He strongly disliked the Standard Oil company which was one of the biggest companies in the world. He wrote Wealth Against Commonwealth about criticizing and exposing Rockefeller's Oil Company who was a minion of Terrible Tariff.

Arch Nemesis: Terrible Tariff

Income tax was a necessary thing especially after the Civil War. However, people who had more money paid high taxes which resulted in them having more control of the economy. In 1894, there was a 2% tax placed on companies that made over $4000 which led the farmers to think that there was a small alliance between the government and the businesses. The tax was struck down for being unconstitutional but was still controversial.

Greatest Virctory

Through the use of his secret weapon, the Sixteenth Amendment, Mighty Big Taft was able to defeat Terrible Tariff. The amendment allows Congress to levy out taxes without having to base it on Census results or the support of the states. The weapon came as a surprise to many people because Congress did not believe that it would happen successfully. Taxes were exempt from the Constitutional requirements and the American way of life was changed forever. Terrible Tariff was no match for the Mighty Big Taft.

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