Why Technology?

Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge


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  • Understand & explore the why behind using technology in our classrooms
  • Experience hands on lessons where technology plays a role in enhancing or transforming teaching & learning
  • Discuss, question, brainstorm, challenge, and think about the teacher and student outcomes we hope to achieve (begin with the end in mind)
  • Begin planning process for increased tech-integration:
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    Edmodo Activity

    Click Warsaw Edmodo Group above.

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    Room Number: t2h373

    Answer the following question in the group post.

    What are your challenges of Teaching with Technology?


    Let's Start with the Why

    The Why

    This collection of resources was created to support a professional learning project in Warsaw Schools.

    This is not about the apps and tools we will use but HOW we use these apps and resources to help students interact and explore concepts. Each of these lessons could be modified to use different apps and resources. To help us think about the possibilities, we will treat the tools, apps, and resources as ingredients and the lessons we create as different recipes.

    EdPuzzle - Start with the why

    Watch first 5 minutes of Simon Sinek TED Talk, Start With Why.

    1. Click to start the video: Start with the Why

    2. Answer the question found at the end.




    "As one moves along the continuum, computer technology becomes more important in the classroom but at the same time becomes more invisibly woven into the demands of good teaching and learning."

    • Helps educators infuse technology into teaching & learning
    • Creates higher order levels of student achievement

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    Activity: See, Think, Wonder

    Step 1: Explore the SAMR graphic

    Step 2: Use the following links to observe, make connections, and express your curiosity:

    • What do you see? Try to focus just on what you see, not what you think about it yet.
    • What do you think about it?
    • What does it make you wonder?
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    Collaborative Doc

    Step 1: Join the shared Document.

    Step 2: Collaborate to come up with an example of each level of technology integration (be as specific as possible and include why you think this is an example of this level).

    Activity: SAMR Lesson

    Step 1: What is a topic in your area of expertise that students really struggle with? How might technology play an enhancing or transformative role in a lesson redesign?

    Work with your group to discuss the topic and why you think students might struggle.

    Consider these three questions:

    1. What is the student outcome/standard?

    2. What thinking do I want to see from my students?

    3. What technology tool could support the desired outcomes?

    Step 2: Complete the form below with your group to include the outcomes, thinking, and tools involved in your lesson.



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    Activity: I used to think.......

    Using the following prompts, reflect on what you explored, discussed, created, and discovered today.
    • I used to think...
    • Now I think...
    • I think my thinking changed because...
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