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Advice Column

Dear Carolyn,

I just got a job that I really like, but I can't tell anyone I have this job. I just visited my best friend in the hospital, and while I was there he asked about my job and somehow figured out where I work. Even though I can trust him with anything I don't know if I should trust him with something this big. I don't know if I should tell him or keep lying. What should I do?

- Worried

Dear Worried,

The first thing you could do is go tell your boss about what happened. Ask if you still need to keep it a secret, or if you can tell your friend who would never tell anybody. If your boss says you can tell him than tell him, but if he doesn't let you tell your friend just say that you can't talk about your job right now, and when you can you will.

Movie Review

Brain Jack, which is a book by Brian Falkner was just turned into a movie. In the movie a teenage hacker named Sam Wilson hacked into telecomerica. Sam was arrested for hacking and then when he broke out of jail Sam ended up working for Homeland Security in the Cyber Defense Division when they realized that they needed someone with his hacking skills. After a little while of working there Sam has to save the world from something huge. Brain Jack is a great movie that everyone should go see. It will be worth your time. Go see Brain Jack in movie theaters this week. Below this are the celebrities that will be in this movie.

Feature Article

In Brain Jack Sam either can stay in jail for along time or he can break out. With help form Kiwi, Sam ends up coming up with a plan to break out. Sam plans for weeks what he is going to have to do. When he has the plan done he is ready to break out. Right when Sam thinks he is free he isn't. Right as Sam is about to go out the gate he is caught by the warden named Brewer. Sam has to get away from Brewer soon or the gate will close and Sam will be stuck in jail. Sam tried to get away from Brewer but Brewer ended up pulling his gun out at him. Sam then told Brewer that he couldn't shot him because Sam hooked up CNN live feed to the camera. Even though Sam was lying about that Brewer thought it was real and didn't shot him. Sam then got away from Brewer right before the gate was about to close. Sam then escaped and then got in a taxi which brought him to the CDD where he began working for the government.

Brain Jack Characters Cross Word Puzzle

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