Southeast Native Americans

By Sally, Mary, Joe, Jesse

Location and Tribes

The Southeast Native American tribes were located in the states of Mississippi, Florida, South Carolina and Georgia. There were ten different tribes in this region. Here are the different tribes in this region: . Most of the Southeast has warm/hot summers and mild winters. Their summers are usually very humid.



The Native American tribes in the Southeast had a variety of different ceremonies and rituals. They did believe in spirits that protected the Earth and they would worship them. They did many different types of dances during these celebrations


The Southeast Native Americans wore different types of clothing for different seasons. The women wore long skirts and matching shirts in the winter months along with coats made out of animal fur. The men wore long pants made out of animal skin in the summer months.
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The Southeast Native Americans ate food that they could grow or find in nature. They ate berries, grain, and corn. They would also hunt and fish. They killed wild deer and turkeys.
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