Fashion trends in the 1960's

A burst of color with a burst of insanity

Things to know

In this presentation is about the fashions and styles in the 1960's to 1970's. This presentation will also include information on the accessories and shoes not just shirts and pants. In the 1960's many young people started to ruble against the things they where taught. This opened a time span in history where people wore clothing that expressed them and started a piriod of unique fashion. In my presentation you will find six questions and six answers. It is mainly on clothes but some sections may include information on hair styles and a little on the economy.

What was more popular casual or formal?

In the 1960's many people had different ways of dressing some people liked to dress in dark sleek clothes with a formal jacket others liked to dress in flowing contort able clothes but which was more popular? On the website, in the article fasion and accessories from the 1960's it stated "in the 1960's society became more casual,"it also quoted " clothing was mixed and matched and straggled between formal and casual.

What was the most popular no spacific gender outfit?

This question was not easy to answer after a lot of research I looked at the options and had to say that bell bottoms where one of the most popular pieces of clothing on the market back then. "Many people wore bell bottoms because of the bright vivid colors bursting from the cloth" stated the book fabulous fashions of the 1960's. Many people also liked the colorful pants because of the bold patterns.

Did people like bright or dull colors?

Many people liked the bright bold colors of the 1960's. The people also liked the bold patterns that where very popular for men and women. There where many bold clothes coming out like jumpsuits. "People would wore flag patterns made out of American or British flags as a form a of protest," stated Trina Robbins author of the book Tomorrow's heir looms fashions of the 1950's and 1970's.

What were popular shoes for women?

The shoes women wore many different shoe they chould be thin and sleek or thick and clompy. Some of the most popular shoes where go-go boots tall leg hugging boots that where very shinny and glamorous. People loved go-go boots so much that they would make special go-go boots to match dresses and pants. Personally I think there was a little too much commotion about the shinny shoes.

What where some popular hair styles?

Many people liked to use wigs even though they had their own hair. "Ladies liked the way it gave their hair a new thickness and width," stated the website People also used prices of wigs to give their hair a new hight and length. People also colored their hair for new bursts of color in the crazy world of the 1960's.

Fun facts!!!

  • Some bell bottoms where so wide at the bottom that they got nicknamed elaphant bottoms.
  • Some people made and wore dresses that where made out of paper.
  • Beatniks where people who kept to themselves and wore only dark dull clothes.
  • Many people liked unique fashion some people even whore see through dresses, don't worrie the dresses came with stickers that women chould strategically place on the dress.
  • Lots of women whould wear fake eyelashes, the eyelashes came with glue that didn't always work so some ladies would find an eyelash on her cheek!!!


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