Carlie hatch


Deserts are found in bands found along 30degeres latitude north and 30 degrees latitude south

General characteristics

It is ausally very hot in a desert only certain plant and animals can live there such as cactusis and reptiles like a snake or tipe of lizard.

Wheather and climate

It ausally commen forit to be over 100 degrees during the day and under 40 at night the animals sleep during the day when it is hot.and come out to eat at night when it's cold and feels good.


It ok for a desert only to get 10 inches of rain one whole year but that's ok because desert animals and plants adapt to there habitat that means that they can live in it

Mountains landforms

Sand mountains are as good as mountain gets in a desert the wind blows sand into big piles that look like mountains

Animals and plants🌵🐪🐫🐍

In an desert there is plants like cactusis and desert flowers.but there also animals like snake and reptiles animals.they have to be able to adapt to there home which is very hot. Some plants and animals don't drink for along time they get there water from seeds. A lot of animals are nocturnal that means they sleep during the hot day and come out during the cold night to eat.

Human impact

Humans do have an impact on the deserts mining oil and other stuff can harm the desert humans can harm the desert a lot if we don't stop.