4th Grade Parkside Elementary

December 7th - 11th


As you are reading non-fiction text be sure to look at text structure. What exactly is text structure? Simply put, text structure is the way in which the author has organized the information in the text. Text organization. The physical layout. It is written in time order (chronological), is the author comparing two or more things (comparison), is something happening because of something else (cause/effect), was there a problem that needed to be solved (problem/solution)? If there is a list of attributes this is a descriptive structure. A recipe is a great informational text example of sequencing. Being able to identify the text structure can help increase comprehension, or the understanding, of informational text.

Make sure reading logs are being completed as directed and double check agendas for other written homework assignments.
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Students continue to work on Multiplication (multi-digit) and Division (multi-digit) using several methods. Recognizing remainders within a story problem is also on the list for this week. See some examples of story problems that students will be attempting this week!!
Please remember that your child can be even better at math if they have their multiplication facts memorized. You can help them memorize them at home by making it a card game of war.

Science, Social Studies and Health

Science and Social Studies is still investigating Benjamin Franklin. There is so much to learn from his inventions and his background. Ask your child why he was not considered as a candidate for the First presidency of the United States...
We also will be starting our unit on Force and Motion.

We will be having a quiz in Health on the vocabulary words about diseases. Students will be highlighting the definitions for the quiz.

Dates to Remember...

Dec. 8th North Learning Zone Spelling Bee
Dec. 16th PDQ Spirit Night 4:00-8:00 pm
Dec. 17th 4th/5th Grade Winter Party 10:05-11:05 am
Dec. 17th PTA Meeting and Winter Program 6:30-8:00 pm
Dec. 18th School Store Opens at 7:45 - 8:10 am
Dec. 21st - Jan. 1st Winter Break