This Weeks 411 for Southern Charms

Week of March 28th

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Top 10 in Sales

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Top in New Qualified Stylists!

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Congrats to all who qualified 1 new stylist!

Christine Swartz

Sarah Parramore

Mollie Gossett

Kathryn Larson

Ashley Jarden

Erin Hackett

Charlotte Pottieger

Felicia Kettler

Jessica Sigler

Jennifer Hammond

Hayley Bannister

Amanda Schecter

Abigail Dixon

Margaret Underhill

Samantha Reed

Kelly Young

Meghan Edwards

Julie Canellos

Amber kraus

Jasmin Pintane

cheryl dejesus

Sonia Kaye

Amber Werderitch

Ashley Ayres

Lauren Missey

Ashley Murphy

Gina Adamski

Ashley Smiley

Maureen Henderson

Christen Ward

Michelle Garner

Malissa Mountz

leslie isonhart

Allison Ferguson

Donna Naylor

Elizabeth Fleming

Kimberly Mavroides

Amber McMillen

Mari Schott

Taylor Miller

Jessica Werts

Mackenzie Gregoire

Kate Moore

Christina Alfaro

Kaelee Potter

Stella Nelson

Alexis Tompkins

Chi Nguyen

Melissa Matt

Look who's Rockin Jumpstart!!

Over $1,000 in product credits

Sarah Parramore $1,524

Katie Campbell $1,208

Clara Stokes $1,034

Over $800

Jennifer Hammond $903

Macaira Herford $867

Over $500

Esther Ayers $565

Abigail Dixon $561

Madison McMahan $541

Kathryn Berkhimer $536

Amanda Schecter $527

Natalie Goodwin $507

Over $400

Theresa Torelli $486

Christina Latchem $473

Roshelle Beck $454

Carrie Evers $451

Janis White $439

Kelly Chin $425

Jennifer Wickham $421

Kasey Vaughn $420

Alissa Aronovici $416

Over $300

Laurie Reed $398

Sarah Trobaugh $394

Tracy Brewster $389

Madison Picardat $379

Katherine Pinter $377

Kristina Coates $374

Sheryl Vinson $369

Amy Rhoads $363

Gina Adamski $358

Rendi Ray $349

Sabrina Lola $338

Cassandra Brandenburg $327

Tabitha Haynes $322

Rachel Goolsby $321

Kristina Maxfield $317

Erin Walsh $313

Carlie Spear $309

Eryn Sasser $303

Ashley Rauch $302

Over $200

Jenna Riegel $299

Spring Holcombe $298

Mattison Torres $294

Chiaka Chucks $293

Katie Allen $291

Malissa Walters $277

Brittany Severns $269

Jamie Condon $268

Katherine Landen $268

Lisa Beck $259

Jerica Dome $259

Allyson Rink %255

Hannah Propanz $253

Summer Spring $249

Jaqueline Frazer $248

Malia Bishop $245

Jessica Werts $242

Heidi Bainter $247

Lacey Heineman $232

Casey Hughes $230

Geraldine Rogers $229

Mari Schott $228

Kelsey Glasco $223

Jade Linder $223

Janeena Watson $221

Regina Romine $216

Paloma Rodriguez $214

Kristen Henderson $212

Brittany Christiansen $209

Christine Greis $206

Lindsey Salisbury $205

Jessica Walker $203

Kaitlyn Nelson $200

Over $100

Haley Kolowski $180

Samantha Edwards $153

Erin Crotchett $144

Brittney Vogel $138

Mary Moore $138

Kara Henrie $137

Sara Dean $132

Samatha Foss $129

Shauna Burnham $124

Kerri McGann $124

Emily Kohl $106

Michelle Martin Jezierski $105

Natashia Myers $102

Patricia Munchel $100

Lindsay Barnes $100

Weekly Online Meet Stella and Dot

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Monday April 4th 8:30pm EST

Looking for something fun in the new year? Would you love to have gorgeous accessories at your finger tips for free? How about making an extra $1000 a month working a few hours a week? Stella and Dot is hiring! We have a january sign on special: $199 and you get $450 in free accessories and as much as you want at half off! Check out this 30 minute online event from the comfort of your home. You can ask questions or just be a fly on the wall. What do you have to lose?

New Stylist Training Call

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Monday April 4th 9:15PM EST

Join me for a quick new stylist training call! I will share my top tips for a successful start and I will tell you how you can earn an $800 shopping spree!!!
access 945831#

Hope Everyone has a great week. Let me know if I can help! XO KELLY

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