Hispanic Heritage Month

By Juan Barnes

Hispanic Heritage Month starts on the 15th of September and last though October 15th. President Lyndon Johnson started HHM as just at a week but then President Ronald Reagan expanded it to be one full month. But why these dates that is because on the 15th of September many Latin American countries declared independence from Spain.

Interesting Facts

  1. Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated with community festivals, government gatherings, and educational activities.
  2. A majority of Latino adults (55%) say they are Catholic, while 16% are evangelical Protestants and 5% are mainline Protestants.
  3. The Hispanic population in the us is now over 54.1 million making it one of the largest ethnic groups in america
  4. Latinos are the youngest of the biggest racial and ethnic groups in the U.S. At 27 years old as the median age of Latinos.