Ms. Munshower's Newsletter

February 29 - March 4th

Our Week

It was another busy week in kindergarten! Thank goodness the weather cooperated and we were able to get outside for recess for a few days. On Wednesday, we celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday. The children were able to visit all of the kindergarten classrooms and have a different lesson. On Friday, we had our final Cooking in the Classroom lesson, where we made parfaits! Miss Susan taught us how to make a yummy (but healthy) treat to eat.

Our healthy taste tests this week were cucumbers on Monday, Meridol papayas on Wednesday, and blueberries on Friday.

Our Learnings


This week we read stories with rhyme. The stories were primarily Dr. Seuss books. They enjoyed listening to them and trying to identify the rhyming words.

Teen Numbers

This week continued working on chapter 8, Teen Numbers. We are learning that teen numbers are "ten and some more."


This week in writing, we returned to Kid Writing and the children were able to choose to write about what they wanted.


We read about our five senses this week.

Upcoming Events/News

  • Tuesday, March 8th is an early dismissal day.
  • Harlem Wizards game at the high school on March 11th at the high school. Look for the flyer that went home.


Monday - Read for 15 minutes

Tuesday - Go Math pages 133-134

Wednesday - Read for 15 minutes

Thursday - Go Math pages 137-138

*Please continue to read with your child each evening.

All homework is due on Friday.