Great reasource

What is biomass?

Biomass is any organic matter that can be used as a energy source. Biomass is used to generate or produce energy.

Renewable resource!

Biomass IS a renewable resource. Biomass is renewable because biomass could be anything from corn to wood. Since its renewable this makes it a great resource!



How does it produce energy?

Biomass can generate energy by burning, bacterial decay, fermentation, and convert it into fuels. It can be used for individuals or to generate power for a community. It's not the best way but it works just fine

Where is it found?

Biomass is found in many places. You can find it everywhere, even your yard is biomass. Some biomass is produced by plants, and animals. It is commonly found in dead biological matter. You can produce your own biomass buy growing crops and plants.

Who uses it?

Many people use it but there not the only ones. Many big industries used biomass, and buy it in massive bulk. Biomass can be used by any one it's just weather they want to or not

environmental impact?

Biomass has many advantages, but it does affect the environment in a bad way. Biomass causes deforestization. Clearcutting all these trees causes mass erosion too. It also takes away lots of co2 needed for plants, and many other things.

What are the uses for this energy?

Biomass can be used for many things. Biomass is commonly used for heat, liquid or gas fuels, and electricity. Biomass is also used to make biodiesel, biogas, and ethanol. When its made into electricity, it has many uses, like heating water, or used to cokk on. Biomass is a multi purpose energy source.


Biomass has MANY! advantages. Some of its advantages include its renweable, it reduces lanfills, it reduces co2, it reduces smog, it reduces acid rain, and it protects our clean water supply. Also its organic matter, so that help too.

Are there products created from this?

There are quite a few products created from biomass. Some are biodiesel, biogas, ethanol, electricity. There are some , but not to many.

What is the cost benefit?

The cost of biomass varies. It could be as cheap as growing crops or plants in your backyard. Or it could be as expensive as trying to compete for it with huge industries. Many large industries use biomass to fuel many things. The cost all depends on what kind, type, and where you get your biomass from.