Shepard Elementary

Week of September 9, 2019

Ready for September!

Our first FMA was a rousing success - A HUGE thank you to Jana Martin, Vicky Suarez and Marty Duncan for getting everything ready. I LOVE the new set up and doing FMA once a month makes them super special! Our Patriot Dads were also an excellent addition!

Our theme for the month of September is kindness. Please continue to teach this with your students and pay special attention to students who are exhibiting kindness this month!

Sock Hop is next Thursday, September 12th - it would mean a lot to PTA to have as many teachers attend as possible. Jeans passes for all staff who attend!

We are starting Walk-Through BINGO!


Week of September 9:

Monday: 5th CogAT testing from 9:00-10:00

Tuesday: Kate out AM for Student Management Meeting; 3rd CogAT testing from 8:00-9:00; 5th CogAT testing from 9:00-10:00

Wednesday: 3rd CogAT testing from 8:00-9:00; 5th CogAT testing from 9:00-10:00; Team leader meeting

Thursday: Kristin, Staci and Chrissy out all day for Lead 4Ward Conference; 3rd CogAT testing from 8:00-9:00; Sock Hop 6:00-7:30

Friday: Kate out for LPAC meetings (no set time for return)

Week of September 16: Makeup CogAT testing and testing of 4th grade new students and 4th grade students with incomplete score.


Tuesday: Kate out at Assistant Principal Leadership Academy

Wednesday: Kristin and Kate out at principal meeting


Friday: Last day for TTESS goal conferences

To Do

1.. Make sure to keep the Safe Schools spreadsheet updated as you complete videos. The next videos are due 10/1/2019 (Youth Suicide and Attendance).

2. Follow the procedures in your email to set up your TTESS goal conference with either Kristin or Kate.

3. Kristin and I are starting walk-throughs for BINGO - Make sure your BINGO cards are hung outside your door!

September Birthdays!

Looking forward to a fabulous birthday month:

September 27: Andrea Fiero

Big picture