im single and it is killing me

About me

Hi my name is Romeo and I am 16 years old. I like going to big balls and meeting new people. I was married one time and I killed my wife's cousin and got vanished from my town. I like to fight and I am very good with my sword. i lived in the town Verona before I got banned from it. im looking for a kind hearted girl and has to be very funny and mid size, also I fall in love very easy.


I was born on march 27th in a small house and I love to go for walks and meet new people. I ment the love of my life and got married 2 days later.

How i treat my wifes

I always treat my wife like she is everything. I get her anything she wants. when she is down in the dumps I always cheer you up :) so I need a girlfriend super fast I am dying with out one so please contact me asap. :) thank you for your time :)