Chose activities to complete below.

Activity 1: Using Google Drive for video or pictures

1. Watch the video to find out how to quickly add video or photos to your Google Drive. You will use this for the video reflection at the end of this station.

Activity 2: Sticky Note Formative Assessments

  1. Read the excerpt from Educational Leadership, "Art and Science of Teaching/The Many Uses of Exit Slips" by Robert Marzano.
  2. Follow the link to create your own sticky notes which would be great to use for formative assessment or with an exit ticket.
  3. Go to this Pinterest link to check out exit ticket boards.

Partner Activity 3: Transition Time

1. Choose a text selection from one of the books below. You will use a strategy called AB Each Teach to read the selected article. (If you choose Classroom Management that Works it is not necessary to read the sections that talk about secondary level.)


1. Designate a partner A and partner B.

2. Divide the text selection into 2 sections.

3. Partner A reads one section of the text while partner B reads the other section silently. Feel free to highlight or make notes as you read.

4. When both are ready, teach your section to your partner.

5. Watch the video below for a Google Timer quick tip.

Teach Like a Champion by Doug Lemov

Big image

Classroom Instruction that Works by Robert J. Marzano

Big image

Watch the Google Timer Video for a Quick Transition Tip

Google Timer 1

Transition Time Question

What might be some other ways we could use procedures/transitions to maximize learning time?

Video Reflection (Complete during reflection time.)