Mrs. Krehbiel & Mrs. Jackson

4th Grade Newsletter

Save the Date!

October 7th: QRA (Quarterly Reading Assessment)

October 14th: Green Acres (4Kr) 1:15-3:15

October 15th: Green Acres (4J) 1:15-3:15

October 16th - 19th: No School

October 28th: Conference Night (4:00-8:30)

October 29th: Halloween Party 2:30-3:15

October 30th: No School - Conference Day (8:00-6:00)

4th Grade Conferences

Conferences will take place on October 28th & 30th. You will receive information in this week's Friday folder. You may sign up online beginning Friday. During your conference, you will have the opportunity to meet with both Mrs. Krehbiel & Mrs. Jackson. We look forward to meeting with you!


Wow! September has been a busy month! We have become distributive doctors, and have thrown ourselves into a multiplication mania! As we continue to learn about multiplying multi-digit numbers, it is going to be important for students to practice their multiplication facts on Your child should have received a new calendar to record practice sessions on XtraMath for the month of October. We appreciate your support in helping to ensure that our students become fluent fourth graders!

This month, we will continue our learning of multiplication. Some of the skills that we will learn and practice are multiplying with regrouping, estimating products, and solving real-world problems.

Estimating is an important mental math skill. One way that you can help your child practice this skill is at the grocery store. Take them on a shopping trip with you and have them estimate the grocery bill for a family twice the size as yours. Any support that you give at home is always appreciated.


Our young scientist have been hard at work investigating rocks and soil. Students have conducted experiments regarding the composition of soil and ways rock can be weathered. Students have determined the difference between chemical and physical weathering and we are well on our way to investigating how this weathered rock moves from one place to another. We have had many discussions of weathering and erosion in our everyday lives at home. Feel free to share with your child ways that as a homeowner we need to be aware of soil and rock weathering!


During ELA, students have been on a roller coaster ride! Students have been studying plot structure of a story and relating it to a ride on a coaster! Our first read aloud The Kid Who Ran for President was a great way to study our democratic process and was full of great character traits to analyze on this amazing ride. On our next read aloud Frindle, students will apply their knowledge of plot and characters as they begin to work in book clubs.

All of our knowledge of plot and characters will be put to work this month as our fourth grade authors write their personal narrative. Students are looking for a “seed” moment in their lives that is full of emotion from the heart. Authors will work to take their readers on a ride on the plot coaster!

Social Studies

Students now are experts of the map! Students have been working on reading a map and describing location relative to another place. We designed a zoo, used google maps and created maps of our own. Your young cartographer developed a map of Ohio’s regions and its resources that are important to Ohio’s economy. Students are moving into the role of historian as we have begun to research Ohio’s prehistoric people.