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Thursday, March 24, 2016

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Mentor Survey

Just like all of you, I am on appraisal this year and have to send out a survey to all of you. Would you please complete the anonymous survey by April 15th? Thanks!

The survey can be found HERE.
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What's Next for Mentoring?

Can you believe it's already time for our FINAL round of observations? The link to sign up can be found HERE. If you would like me to video your lesson for you, let me know! It's not mandatory, but can be very beneficial in reflecting. We would have to use your own devise for this. You can indicate whether you would like me to record your lesson on the sign up sheet.

A few of you have asked me about what you have to do to get a professional license. There's nothing you can do until May when our mentoring program will be complete. After that and your 4 ETMs with reflections are submitted and approved, I will bring you a form from KSDE that we will both sign and send off to HR for a signature as well. Then you'll send the signed form into KSDE (along with $60 of course) and you should be good to go! Once again, don't panic- there's nothing you can do until May and I will walk you through it once we get there. Plus, you have 2 years to upgrade :) Let me know if you have any questions!

Don't forget you need to have all 4 of your ETMs completed with reflections written by May 1st! Directions for how to sign up and write your reflection can be found HERE.

**IMPORTANT** You get paid for completing on-line or face-to-face ETMs. If you haven't filled out the form for this yet, make sure you ask your office for a Stipend Pay Form. If they don't have one, let me know and I can make sure I send one to you. See the picture below for what you need to fill out. Keep the pink copy for yourself and interoffice mail the completed and signed form to Jana Early at DO. You do NOT get paid for Peer Observation ETMs.
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