By Pete Hautman

Plot Summary

When high school student Alicia Camden suddenly disappears, the small town of bloodwater is in shock. It’s up to Roni Delicata, the reporter , and her sidekick, Brian Bain, to figure out what’s going on. With suspects all around them Roni and Brian risk their lives to get to the bottom of things. Can they find Alicia and solve the mystery before it’s too late?

Character Analysis

Roni Delicata is the pushy crime reporter for the school newspaper The Bloodwater Pump. Brian Bain is a science geek who likes to blow things up. But today isn’t an ordinary day: their snobby classmate Alicia Camden has been snatched. They then go on the big search!

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Author Biography

Pete Hautman was born in 1952 in Berkeley, California. He lived in the Bay Area until he was five. He had four brothers and two sisters. Today he lives with novelist and poet Mary Logue. He also has a small dog named Gaston. He likes to cook, run, bike, and inline skate.