Primary Update

3 November, 2014

Updates and Reminders

  • Thank you to the Year 5 team, Donna, Tracey, Pat, Martin and Damian for supporting the camp last week. From all reports, a great success.

  • Good luck Yr 4 team and staff supporting the camp this week. I will also be on the Yr 4 camp. See me before Wed if you need anything or alternatively, direct anything to PLT.

  • Welcome back Christian Romano who will work with Shann and the Year 1 and 2 students.

  • Please welcome Steve Yu and Vicky Wang, teachers from Quarry Bay who will be working with the Chinese team for the day on Tuesday.

  • Teaching Staff - Please complete your Teaching Preferences for next year if you have yet to do so. Refer to the email I sent you.

  • Lots of staff out for PD this week..MLATs training, First Aid training, Emerging leaders, Matt in Singapore conducting an IB visit (Mon- Wed), Lyn facilitating MLATs for ESF. Exciting learning happening for many staff.. Enjoy, those of you involved.

Teachers of Mathematics - Making the Magic Happen

I want to boast and brag about YOU to YOU!

I want to brag and boast about your:
collegiality, professionalism, creativity and courageousness as teachers of mathematics
thoughtful, honest reflection about your math teaching in our recent meetings
continual willingness to consider a multitude of possibilities to support student learning
'A-ha' moments .

We have a very long list of what we are doing well!

As I am preparing for MLATS I have been looking at photos of student work and collecting additional work samples. These samples are excellent evidence of the way we support our students to be mathematicians - communicating, making mistakes, having fun, being challenged and seeking to understand!

Go you good things!
(From Lyn)
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Enjoy the week ahead everyone.