Daily Science News

By Billy Vasquez and Monique Velarde

Learning about convection!

Have you ever road inside a hot air balloon?If you haven't,would you want to,or do you think it's unsafe?

Each time the hot air balloon gets higher the flame will get bigger.If the flame weakens then the hot air balloon will get lower.This will make a good understanding of convection.

The most major of heat transfer is convection,radiation,and conduction.Each one of these controls energy in different ways.Convection is the movement of heat threw a movement of a liquid.


If liquids like air and water are heated, the molecules that make the liquids get energy which makes it more quickly. This means that the moving molecules crash each other more than usual. This makes the molecules to spread out.

Convection can also make the movement of tectonic plates. This is by the warm material in the earth's mantle goes up and down over and over. This is called Convection Cycles. The tectonic plates lay on the mantle and Convection Cycles make their movement. The ocean's circulation is also by Convection.

So you can see, Convection is one of the most important processes on earth.