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April 2021

Principal's Pen

This has been one of the most challenging years for our school, and without a doubt one of the most challenging months. We talk about resiliency and how important it is, but sometimes what you have to go through to attain it is beyond what any individual should have to take on by themselves. I always knew that we had a strong staff and community and that has always been something we have been able to lean on in the past and that was never more true than in the last couple of weeks.

You know a community is strong when they send you students who help each other in a time of need. When they contact you just to see how you are doing and just want to let you know they are there if needed. What you sometimes don’t realize is just how large that community is. It is our school, our town, our surrounding community, and every corner of our school division. Thank you to everyone who reached out, or just kept us in your thoughts, it is appreciated more than you know.

To a student body that has had an impossible year I just want to say, thank you. I watched students step out of their roles and comfort zones at an extremely difficult time to help someone else who was also struggling. You see the character of people revealed in difficult times, and I could not be more proud of this group.

To our staff, you have been asked to make the best of difficult situations in the past. The number of roles that people take on from teacher, to counselor, to parent, to protector is never truly covered in University. They forget to tell you that while you are becoming their teacher you will become attached to each one as if they were their own. They don’t mention when you sign on to be an EA or custodian or librarian you will also become the one person that someone trusts and the weight that can go with that. They don’t say that time spent entering data or filing documents will be interrupted by a student who just needs someone to talk to that has nothing to do with what is going on in the building.

I have had the privilege to work with some amazing people, as students, staff, community members and colleagues and far too often I have taken that for granted.

Thank you,

Greg Knot

Medstead Central School WinterFest 2021

Our students participated in so many fun activities for this week-long Winter Celebration! Indoor and outdoor activities in the beautiful spring weather.

Thank you Mrs. Mann for all your hard work on creating and coordinating this!

The students and staff loved it!

Important Dates in April:

  • April 2 - Good Friday
  • April 5-9 - Easter Break, No School
  • April 23 - Grade 7-12 Term 3 Ends
  • April 26 - PD Day - No School
  • April 28 - Early Dismissal at 2:23
  • April 30 - Gr 7-12 Report Cards

April Birthdays


Magnus ~ Daxton ~ Olivia ~ Ajla ~ Wendal ~ Lyla ~ Emma ~ Victoria ~ Casey

Jamie R ~ Bethany ~ Ambrose ~ Braden ~ Hunter ~ Trevor


Mrs. Haryung ~ Ms. Ross ~ Mrs. Johnson ~ Mrs. Klassen ~ Mr. Schneider

Class Activities

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April School Calendar

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Thank you to...

  • Everyone who has been supporting our fundraising efforts for the School Playground! We are seeing great community support in a variety of fundraising efforts.