Recommended: Nursery Rhymes

PARENTS, are you looking for some family reading to interest your kids of all ages this summer?

Why reinvent the wheel when you can entertain as generations of parents before you have done? Discover (or rediscover) why nursery rhymes have survived for hundreds of years and are told in many cultures.

Draw older children into the fun with technology, by letting them access a traditional rhyme collection on the Internet. Kids will enjoy noticing differences in archaic word spellings (for example “rime” instead of “rhyme”) and find humor in the fashion choices.

Recommended: The real Mother Goose, junior edition. (1916). New York: Rand McNally & Company. Retrieved from

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In the process, you might benefit from subliminal messaging about what great parents you really are, with your children more grateful for comfortable lives that don’t involve child labor (see Little Bo Peep, Little Boy Blue), hard punishments (see There was an old woman who lived in a shoe, Little Polly Flinders), and leaving kids outside to face the elements (see Hush-a-bye baby, Dance to your daddy).
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