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Hey KWNYC - From Lindsey Holmes

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Hey KWNYC Team!

It's been too long. I'm writing to see how you're doing with your Evernote Training (can you believe it's been almost 3 months since we last saw each other?!), and to give you a few Evernote-related updates that I hope you'll find exciting...

Looking forward to connecting with you again soon,


Evernote Business Certified Consulting

I mentioned to you that I had become an Evernote Business Certified Consultant when we last spoke. Things have really taken off and I am proud to say that I am doing more Evernote business than ever. Businesses are really catching on and creating some amazing use cases for Evernote Business. Please subscribe to my blog when you get a minute. I will be sharing some there.

(I'll also be sharing some info about Evernote's launch in Africa which I will be helping with.)

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$5 Consultations

Have you heard about Fiverr allows you to leverage some really quality (and some not so quality - honestly you have to do some research) service providers with an array of offerings. I have recently been ramping up my own Fiverr offerings, and wanted to share my 'gigs' with you. My gigs range from providing a 'Comprehensive Brand Review' (I have 15 years branding experience) to one that will 'Automate Anything' for those that strive for a set it and forget it daily workflow, to of course, a basic 'Evernote Consultation'! Through my Evernote gig you can ask me one Evernote question and I will help you solve your problem... for just $5.

Top Secret Evernote Application

I'm working on a Top Secret Evernote Application (seriously you're the first to know), that will allow you to create and send Email Newsletters directly from Evernote.

Here's how it will work:

- You would first upload your mailing lists via CSV. Each list would get a unique name/ identifier such as 'WelcomeClients.'

- You would craft your content in Evernote.

- To send to your list, you would tag the name of your mailing list and a tag for sending. This can simply be 'Send' or another tag of your choice.

Having a unique sending tag might work well for someone like me that uses a lot of automation around Evernote. For example, I might create an automation that 'Creates a note in my Evernote account with each new picture that I post from Instagram, and adds a tag named 'Instagram.'' Now, how awesome would it be to have my send tag set as 'Instagram' and every picture that I post be mailed automatically to a list of my choice?

Does this seem interesting to you? Would you use the app? Would you pay for the app/ replace your current mailing service with the app? Please comment below in the comment section of this newsletter. Your feedback means a lot to me.

Lindsey C. Holmes

Lindsey is a sought after Digital/ Web Strategist, Online Marketer, Evernote Expert, and Speaker on the 'Future of the Web,' and is the author of five books on Digital Marketing and Evernote. She has helped to brand the web strategies of the State of California, the State of New Jersey, Beats By Dre, Muve Music/ Cricket Wireless and Campbell Soup to name a few.

More than anything however - she loves making a Geek out of everyone she meets.