4HA Weekly News

14th March 2014

Dear parents,

It felt like we squeezed a lot into our short week last week! With our final drama workshop before auditions, and author Kenn Nesbitt's visit, we still managed to have a productive week in class.

Auditions for the play will be held on Monday. I sent home a letter and information form with each child. The letter contains the passage that children will read/recite at the audition, and the information form is for children to indicate which characters they are interested in being considered for. Please look at the 4th grade play section on our Haiku site, where I have put some resources from Ms. Moon.

We will also launch the Curiosity Project next week. This is an independent project in which children can choose to explore an area of personal interest. Some of the activities and research will be set as homework, and others will be completed in class. I will be putting more information on Haiku, to support this project.

Our Studies

Language Arts

Last week, we looked back at the stories that students wrote two weeks ago, and searched for nouns, verbs and adjectives within the text. This was quite challenging for the class, so we will do some more guided practice on this next week. We will continue to develop comparing and contrasting skills in our reading, through group discussions based on shared texts, and comprehension activities.

We will begin to explore the script for our 4th grade play, The Phantom Tollbooth. Auditions for speaking roles will be held on Monday. The children have been given a passage to read, as the character of their choice, so please help your child to practice over the weekend. I have put a character list on our 4th grade play page on Haiku, along with some other resources!

We will also be launching the Curiosity Project this week, so we will discuss and practice research skills over the next few weeks. More information about the Curiosity Project will be published on Haiku on Monday.


Last week, we learned about improper fractions and mixed numbers. We used pictures and concrete materials to show these visually, and learned to rename improper fractions as mixed numbers using the division bar. We used some online resources, including BrainPop, CountOn and SumDog to review and practice renaming fractions. I have narrowed the skills we are working on in SumDog to fractions & decimals, multiplication, and division, to help the students focus on our current unit. Please encourage them to access SumDao and/or XtraMath at home.

Next week, we will use multiplication to rename mixed numbers as improper fractions. We will also begin problem solving with fractions. This will be quite challenging for some children, so we will need to spend several days on it.


Last week, the students did some reading about heat and heat transfer, they then summarized and illustrated their learning in their science notebooks. We did not have time to move on to the practical investigation, so we will work on that next week!

Prince George Award

It was a VERY close week for points, but our winner was Andrew Evans. Our daily class leaders frequently notice Andrew's excellent behavior, and he remembered to do his homework and bring it to school every day. Well done, Andrew!