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Unique Ukraine

What makes Ukraine so unique? Is it its interesting sites, festive holidays, historical museums, delicious food, or its very entertaining sports? To tell you the truth, all of these wonderful qualities make up Ukraine and they are the reason you should definitely visit Ukraine. Once you are at Ukraine, you should try the food there. In almost all of Eastern Europe, people eat a dish called Borscht, which is considered Ukraine’s national dish. Borscht is a soup with many vegetables (beet, potatoes, cabbage, bell pepper, onion, etc.) which are cooked with a broth (chicken or beef) and has varied spices and great, creamy taste (best tasting with sour cream). You might also want to try Varenyky which is basically a potato dumpling, fried with eggs inside it. Yum! In case you do not want to do any cooking, that is okay! There are some great restaurants in Kiev and Lviv, two of the most popular cities in Ukraine. In Lviv, a great place for brunch and breakfast is called Darwin, a restaurant with great food that lives up to its prices, excellent waiters, and great menus. For dinner, you might want to try Kryjivka, a place that is also good for lunch. It has a great atmosphere, decorated with military gear, fabulous service, and good dishes like the Varenyky. If you have a taste for Italian cuisine, in Kiev, a great place for lunch is Al Faro, an Italian restaurant with delicious food (pizza, Scaloppina in mushroom sauce, and cheesecake), great service, and prices (a great place for children). One of the many activities spent in recreation time usually have to do with sports. The most popular sport in Ukraine is soccer which is played by many teams (youth, university, and regional teams) year- round. The most common place to gather and watch sports are at the sport’s bars. People also enjoy basketball, hockey, and volleyball. Women there like to dance (ballroom or folk dance), men like to fish, and many people play cards in Ukraine. One of the most festive holidays celebrated is Ivana Kupala and that is celebrated the 7th of June. To celebrate, Ukrainians use herbs and flowers to make garlands, which is used by young girls to put a candle in the center and make it float across a lake. Many people believe that the faster the garland reaches across the lake, the faster they will get married. If the garland sinks, it means that either she won’t get married or she will be a widow. There are also many other holidays like Solidarity Day on May 1st, Victory Day is on May 9th, Constitution Day on June 28th, and Independence Day on August 24th, and Soviet Army Day is celebrated February 23rd, etc. After you taste the food, take place in some holidays, and watch one of the soccer teams of Ukraine play, you have to visit some of the interesting sites and historical museums. One of the most historical museums is to visit is the Great Patriotic War Museum, a site in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. The Great Patriotic War Museum is an outdoor museum, which is all about the 2nd World War, sad stories and memories about the Ukrainian people who died at that time, and it has some machinery such as guns, tanks, etc. If you are a fan of art, you must visit the national Art Museum of Ukraine! This peculiar art museum is located in Kiev and is a cozy museum with many fine art pieces and 19th century masterpieces by Repin and Vaznestov, creative artists. Lastly, there some interesting sites you might want to see, such as the Saint Sofia Cathedral, also located in Kiev, with its beautiful mosaics, great architectural design, and dome- shaped roofs. If you want to learn more about this famous church, you should ask a guide there. Another great site is the National Circus of Ukraine. This is a fabulous circus located in Kiev, in the act there are many dancers, actors, tamed, trained and well taken care of animals (kangaroos, tigers, lions, dogs, etc.). Well, I hope you enjoy these magnificent sites, celebrations, foods, and sports in Ukraine! Have a fun trip! If you wish to learn more about Ukraine, read/look below!

Great Facts About Ukraine

Ukrainian: The language of Ukraine

People in Ukraine speak Ukrainian, the official language of Ukraine. People in Ukraine also speak Russian (it also used to be the official language during the time period of Soviet Rule ), Surzhik (a combination of Russian and Ukrainian), Polish, Hungarian, and Romanian. Common words and phrases include Pryvit, meaning Hi, Dobryj den' meaning Good day, Pan which means Mr., Panove which mean Sirs or Gentlemen, Pani meaning Mrs. or Miss, molodoy chelovek means young man, mujshina meaning man, devuskha which means girl, and jenshina meaning woman.

The Government of Ukraine

Ukraine's government is a Parliamentary Democracy, which means the power of the government lies in the parliament which is elected by the people and it represents the people. A Parliamentary Democracy consists of a president, prime minister and parliament. The president is elected and serves for 5 years. The current president is Viktor Yanukovych. The parliament has 450 people and any political party that gets 3% or higher of the votes gets to have a proportional amount of the seats. The prime minister is appointed by the president with the consent of more than one-half of the parliament and is the head of government. The current prime minister is Mykola Azarov.


Ukraine’s currency is called Hryvnia. One Hryvnia is equal to about 12 US cents ($0.12).
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This is what Hryvnia looks like.


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