Hippo Nation Human Capital Courant

Serve. Lead. Empower.

Volume XII

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Mission Statement:

Hippo Nation inspires excellence in academics, character, and community!

Vision Statement:

Hutto ISD aspires to be the premier choice in education through innovation, leadership, and diversity.

Alicia Keys - Good Job | Cover by One Voice Children's Choir | A Tribute to Covid-19 Heroes
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Scholarships for Future Texas Teachers

Win a $4,250 Texas Teacher Certification Scholarship

2020 is a year to give back. If you are ready to follow your dreams, we want to help! Teachers of Tomorrow is looking for 20 aspiring teachers who model the positive change we want to see in the world. For the chance to win one of 20 full program scholarships, let us know what has inspired you to become a teacher and how you plan to inspire the next generation.


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Department Spotlight!

Kudos to our Hutto ISD Police Department!

Your time, support, and kindness mean so much. One of my vivid memories of one of our officers last year was how he met with a student and worked with the individual. The individual was struggling & the police officer helped build the child up. The student's behavior changed and improved for the better with the Hutto ISD police officer's mentorship and kindness. That is a great depiction of our Hutto ISD Police Department. Thank you for all you do.

**Kudos & Congrats on your Spotlight!**

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Here is one of our new employees in #HippoNation! We're SO glad you're with us! We are honored to have you!

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A 15-Month Program for Professionals with Weekend Classes, a Distance Learning Option, and Courses Led by Top UT Austin Faculty

Learn About HDO’s Master’s Degree

We are holding online information sessions over the next several months. These sessions are a great opportunity for you to meet faculty, staff, alumni, and to ask questions about the program to determine if our one-of-a-kind Master's Degree is the right fit for you!


Upcoming Info Sessions:

​October 14 | 5:00 pm-6:00 pm

  • Featured Alumni: Dani Pruitt, Event Manager, Texas Performing Arts

Interested? Sign up here: https://hdo.utexas.edu/info-sessions-class-visits/

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Safer roads can start with you!

Speeding, slamming on the brakes, talking on the phone … how you drive matters. No one is a perfect driver, but with 37,133 lives lost in 2017 alone, we need to do better.

Safer roads can start with you and a little help from HMDrive — Horace Mann’s mobile app that will help you gain insights and self-awareness to become a better, safer driver. HMDrive measures your vehicle’s driving dynamics, shows trip summaries and provides details on your driving style and distracting behaviors to help you learn to be the best driver you can be.

We all have a responsibility to make our roads safer. Take the first step by downloading the app today. Contact your Horace Mann representative for an HMDrive activation code and download instructions.

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Director of Human Capital

What does this position do for Hippo Nation? Serve. Lead. Empower.

Extension 1077 in Hippo Nation connects you directly to me!

- Dr. Almquist (@servingkids)

Here is my bio!

*Your passion, attitude, and touch change eternity.*

What is "Human Capital?"

Human Capital is the people of Hippo Nation and all that each of you bring to enhance the work within this district. According to the Oxford Dictionary it is "the skills, knowledge, and experience possessed by an individual or population, viewed in terms of their value or cost to an organization or country."

What is a "Courant?"

The word courant is an older word which means newspaper! This is our 2020 courant!

Courant also means running according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Hippos run. We run to ensure that our students are getting the very best that they deserve and need. We run to ensure that the spirit of the River Horse never dies. If you didn't know, River Horse means Hippo; It is the literal English translation of the Greek word Hippopotamus!

Our Courant will be composed of topics that relate to career pathways, growing us as individuals, and other topics that relate to the human capital component of our work.

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