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March 2023, Volume 5, Number 7


The March LYNX calendar is packed with opportunities for FHS students to explore careers and connect with local business partners!

Sign up for LYNX experiences on the March LYNX experience calendar using the "study lounge" posted in the FHS LYNX 2022-23 Schoology group!

March LYNX experiences:

March 3: Careers in Lab Science with NCI (at FHS)

March 3: CPR - Part 2 (at FHS)

March 6: Becoming a Barber (at FHS)

March 7: Careers in Architecture (at FHS)

March 8: Building Leadership Series - Part 3 of 4 (at FHS)

March 8: Careers in Early Childhood Development - Part 3 (off campus)

March 9: Volunteering as a First Responder (off campus)

March 10: Careers in Visual Arts (off campus)

March 13: The Diverse Field of Nursing (at FHS)

March 13: FCC Tour and Presentation (off campus)

March 13: Careers in Visual Arts with The Delaplaine (off campus)

March 15: Preparing for a Lab Science Internship with NCI (at FHS)

March 15: Volunteer Opportunities with Frederick Health (at FHS)

March 16: Public Transportation Exploration and Careers with TransIT (at FHS)

March 16: USAMRDC Spring Research Symposium at Ft. Detrick (off campus)

March 17: Careers in International Relations (at FHS)

March 17: Careers in Auto Body and Auto Mechanics (off campus)

March 17: Bank Tour and Career Discussion with First United Bank (off campus)

March 20: Marine Corps Boot Camp with Mr. Manino (at FHS)

March 23: Careers in Journalism and World Language (off campus)

March 24: Careers in Cooking, Restaurants, and Menu Development (off campus)

March 25: Teacher Conference at Shepherd University (off campus)

March 27: Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics (at FHS)

March 27: Careers in Fitness and Personal Training (off campus)

March 28: Building Leadership Series - Part 4 of 4 (at FHS)

March 28: Careers in Theatre, Technical Theatre and Performing Arts (off campus)

March 29: Mock Interviews with LYNX Partners (at FHS, English 12)

March 31: Civil War Medicine Museum (off campus, AoHP)

March 31: Howard Cultural Dance Experience (at FHS)

Careers in Forensic Science

Paige Alexander, with FCPD, discussed the training and skills needed to be a forensic scientist. Paige explained what a Crime Scene Investigator does and demonstrated the process of finger printing. Read below to learn what our LYNX scholars had to say about her eye-opening and engaging presentation!
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Becoming a forensic investigator requires a lot of work and there is high competition for jobs. I also learned that you collect DNA samples from the crime scene to send to a lab and you have to make conclusions based on the evidence provided and not based off of opinions. It surprised me that you have to get tons of screening for a job in forensic sciences. I found it super interesting how competitive and serious this job is. I also found it interesting how they collect some of the evidence from a crime scene (taking fingerprints, etc.). - Addison, grade 9

It's not like the movies and it's best to get experience with the sights and smells before graduating with a forensics degree. - Elaina, grade 9

It takes a lot of school and experience to go into this job. You also need a clean record and can not be easily disgusted. - Hailey, grade 9

In-Person Learning Lab in the FHS Media Center!

When? Daily from 2:20-3:40 pm

All FHS students have the option to sign up for Learning Lab using the "study lounge" posted in the FHS LYNX 2022-23 Schoology group.

Students must sign up by 1:15 p.m. on the day they plan to attend.

  • Students must enter the media center by 2:30 pm.
  • LYNX staff will assign seating.
  • Students must work on class assignments or assessments until 3:40 pm.

The media center closes at the 3:40 pm bell.

All students report to the cafeteria for supper and bus service.

Students may sign out before 3:40 pm if they are car riders/walkers.

**The Virtual Learning Lab is also accessible for tutoring from 4:15-5:45 pm Monday - Thursday.

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