Accountability After NCLB

Not the butterflies or rainbows we thought...

Phase 1 of the Alabama Waiver

Attendance = 20 points
  • 95%
  • information is gathered in May covering the entire year

Achievement = 40 points

  • ready is equivalent to a "3"
  • exceeding is equivalent to a "4"
  • grades 3-8 ACT ASPIRE reading and math
  • AAA must meet math and reading goals

GAP = 30 points (not this year)

  • 20 students= subgroup
  • poverty, minority, special education, etc.
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They're BAAAAACK...

AMOs (annual measurable objective) are back! This is how we will determine our AMO based on our ASPIRE data:

Non-proficient Students/2 = X

X/6 = AMO

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What we know about ACT Aspire

  • Timed test
  • Similar to ACT in format and rigor
  • SPE students with accommodations will take online
  • Grades 3-6 Math & Reading
  • Grade 5 Science

ASPIRE Reading


Where do we stand?

How DEEP Are Your Questions?

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