Humans & Global Warming

Are humans truely causing global warming?


Usually Earth's climate changes slowly and predictably, however, global warming is causing bigger differences in a quicker amount of time (Anderson). Some climatologists believe that the average global temperature will increase as much as 5 degrees Celsius by 2100 (Robinson 146). Essentially, human actions are what cause the climate to change so dramatically. The environment is changing due to human activity. This is bad especially for the animals that are unable to adapt, or animals who must live a specific way. As the climate is changing, so are our ocean levels; they work in a direct relationship. Another thing that works in a direct relationship our climate and ocean levels, so, as it gets warmer the water levels rise. This is due to the ice caps melting. Many climate experts believe that global warming can stop.


Humans are a large cause of global warming due to their way of life, but the dangerous effects of global warming could be halted if they burned less fossil fuels and reduced deforestation.

Rebuttal #1

When your driving a car, are you knowledgeable of the harm you are causing? Most people are unaware of the fact that they are making global warming more prominent by burning fossil fuels on a day to day basis. As we burn more and more fuels, such as coal and petroleum, we are releasing carbon dioxide and other potential "heat-trapping" gases ("How are humans responsible for Global Warming?"). This is the source of about 33 percent of the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere (Ollhoff 6). "Heat-trapping" gases are what essentially cause the atmospheric greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is a phenomenon where the planet traps radiation produced from the sun, caused by gases such as carbon dioxide ("Global Warming is Human Caused."). Burning fewer fossil fuels is quite simple; it is as easy as riding a bike to places near you, or even car pooling. However, it is quite difficult to stop burning fossil fuels completely due to almost every part of society burning them. Another way fossil fuels are burned is through energy production. More than just "a few" power plants burn these fuels. Burning fossil fuels will always be a source that chips in towards global warming.
How Do We Know Global Warming is Human-Caused?

Rebuttal #2

When you cut down trees, your losing sources of oxygen, however, trees are also sponges for carbon dioxide. Trees soak up the carbon during the process of photosynthesis (Robinson 28). All trees are about 50 percent carbon, so, when they are chopped or burned down, the CO2, also known as carbon dioxide, will escape back into the air ("Impact of Global Warming on the Environment."). Fewer trees, from deforestation, means the more carbon dioxide, and the more carbon dioxide in the air means an enhanced greenhouse effect. The more intense greenhouse effect will cause major dilemmas. These dilemmas will include increased "heat-trapping" gases and extravagantly lower oxygen levels. Deforestation will never be wiped out globally, but, we can help reduce it. Because trees are main sources of oxygen and huge carbon dioxide sponges, when cut down, they result in effects contributing to global warming.
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This is an example of deforestation in action. In this picture, an abundance of CO2 was released into the air. Can you picture how much oxygen were losing just from this round of deforestation?


In conclusion, humans are the largest cause of global warming due to their way of life. On a daily basis, we're burning fossil fuels, whether it be driving your car to a specific place, or being part of a job that requires to burn these fuels. People who are contributing to deforestation are also contributing towards global warming! But, some climatologists state that because human activities cause global warming, we have great potential to slow the trend down (Anderson). If the climate change trend continues, it will not just be humans that are effected, but animals as well. In the Arctic, the creatures need ice, however, that ice is melting. As the ice disappears, mammals that depend on the ice, like walruses and polar bears, struggle ("How are humans responsible for Global Warming?"). Humans must be warned that because of their actions, we live in an anthropogenic environment! This is an environment formed from strictly human interference and not by nature alone (Robinson 6).

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