Women's Rights in Afghanistan

Women in Afghanistan don't have many rights and its not fair


Women are forced to wear a Chadari. Which is a head-to-toe enveloping garment that literally makes it difficult to move quickly.


In marriage and divorce, Afghanistan follows Islamic Laws. A man only needs to repeat "I divorce you" three times in front of a witness to marry and/or divorce his wife. A women, on the other hand, has to appear before a judge with reason for a divorce. Also, a women was not allowed to leave home without being escorted by a male blood relative. Polygamy is also permitted in Islam, and a man is allowed to take up to 4 wives, a practice that is not very common in Afghanistan. Also, adultery is punishable by death, according to Islamic laws.


The first school for girls was opened in kabul in 1924. In 1993,of the 45,000 children in school, only 14% were girls. Also, Girls acquired their religious training from elderly women, who conducted classes at home.


Women were denied any freedoms during the Taliban. Taliban forces and other forces now grouped in the United Front have sexually assaulted, abducted and forcibly married women. The Taliban have also tried to erase women from public life through widespread discrimination. The Taliban punished women with public beatings. Thousands of Women have been physically assaulted and have had severe restrictions placed on their liberty and fundamental freedoms.
The international monitoring organization urged the Taliban and the United Front to cease violations of human Itarian Law, in particular gender-specific violations against women, and urged the donor community to ensure the inclusion of women both as recipients of aid and a equal partners in decision making re-guarding development and aid projects in Afghanistan.