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Indonesia is a sovereign state located in Southeast Asia and Oceania. The capital is Jakarta. The country is an archipelago that has approximately 17,508 islands. Indonesia's

government is a Presidential system and Constitutional republic. There population is 246.9 million people.

Slogan- Wonderful Indonesia

The slogan is a way to make tourist interested in exploring Indonesia.


Indonesia is a hot, humid climate. Temperatures vary throughout the year. The wet and dry seasons are caused by two winds are called monsoons. The dry regions of Indonesia in the Lesser Sundas. The Lesser Sundas receive form 35-40 inches (89 to 102 centimeters) of rain per year. There are about 300 ethnic groups that come from the people living there. They speak over 250 different languages. The official language is Bahasa Indonesia.

People & Culture

The population of Indonesia is 246.9 million people. Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. The population of people in Jakarta is 9.608 million people. Jakarta is the largest city in Indonesia. About half of the people in Indonesia live in small, rural villages. They learn the language in school.

Indonesia Timeline

Top 10 Historical Events in Indonesia

1) 700- Trade routes are established with China and India

2) 1200-1300- Javanese Hindu and Buddhist kingdoms flourish.

3) 1500- By the end of the century Islam is the areas main religion.

4) 1602-1800- The Dutch East India Company is formed to trade goods, while Dutch begin building an empire, often using violence.

5) 1800- The Dutch East India Company goes bankrupt.

6) 1800- The islands are known as the Dutch East Indies until independence came 149 years later.

7) 1942- 1945- Japan occupies the islands during WWII.

8) 1949- Indonesia gains independence from the dutch after four years of fighting.

9) 1967- Suharto assumes title of president, and rules with an iron hand. Though, he designs.

10) 2009- President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is reelected.

Government & Citezenship

The Indonesian Government is based on a set of beliefs known as the Pancasila. The Pancasila is made up of five principles: (1) belief is one God, (2) Humanitarianism (3) the unity of Indonesia, (4) democracy based on deliberation and consensus among representatives, and (5) social justice for all people. The person that set the rules was Sukarno, Indonesia's first president. The Indonesian requires all religions, professional, and cultural organizations to adopt Pancasila.

The voting age is 17. Anyone who has an ID card can vote. Everyone has equal rights. Thee education in Indonesia is under the responsibility of the Ministry of Education.


Indonesia has a mixed economy. There is a private sector that accounts for most of the total national input. About two- fifths of Indonesia work in Agriculture and fishing. Service industries produce services instead of goods. Almost, two- fifths of Indonesia employment use GDP ( Gross Domestic Product). Manufactured products account for a lot of Indonesia's export earnings. The major industries include cement, chemicals, clothing, electronic equipment, fertilizers, food products, motor vehicles, paper products, plywood and other wood products, processed rubber product, and textiles.

Indonesia's agriculture continues to be a major economic activity that employs about two- fifths of Indonesia's workers. Indonesia farmers grow a large variety of crops. They are helped by fertile volcanic soil, a tropical climate, and plentiful rain. Many Indonesian farmers are large plantations. Indonesia is a main producer of oil and natural gas. Fishing is a growing industry in Indonesia, and many types of fish are caught in the water.

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Indonesia's National Anthem

Indonesian National Anthem - "Indonesia Raya" (ID/EN)