This week you will learn all about the solar system!

All about Space!

There's a launch scheduled May 27th. America is finally putting Americans back in space. Demo of Launch

Launch America

SpaceX Launch

Google Earth to see the planets/moons

Passport to Space Activities (National Geographic for Kids)

NASA and NASA at Home Activities

Virtual Tours of NASA (AWESOME)

Google Sky

Challenger Lessons

Fun Planet Projects!

Astronomy Activities- paper towel roll star gazer

The Planet Song Video

Oreo Cookie Moon Phases

Great kid videos about the solar system

Solar System Mobile

PBS Kids Socks in Space Game

Asteroid Blast!

Space Games (Learning Games for Kids)

Wonderopolis- All of your questions about space are answered!

Brain Pop- Solar System Video and learning activities

Summer in Space (16 things to download and do!)

  • Create a space ship from items already at


  • Use items from home to create a jetpack

jetpack idea

  • Make a model of the planets in our solar system
  • Research and/or read a book about your favorite planet
  • Make a planet notebook with facts about each planet
  • Write a story about what you think it would be like to land on one of the planets and explore it. What would you find?
  • Watch the live rocket launch on tv May 27th
  • Learn all about a famous astronaut. What do they have to do to become an astronaut?
  • Create your own planet! What will it look like? Is there life on your planet? What temperature is it on your planet? Name your planet!
  • Oreo Cookie Moon Phases Fun!
  • Make a solar system mobile!
  • Build your own rocket using toilet paper or paper towel rolls!
Crew Dragon Launch Day Timeline: From Suit up to Docking with the ISS

Watch a real live launch!

See below for links and information, as well as some fun activities!
Max Goes to the Moon Reading
If I Were an Astronaut