Dempsey School Counselors

Volume 1, Issue 6: January 2014

2014: A Fresh Start

Happy New Year from Dempsey School Counselors! The start of the new year also signifies the start of third quarter, which is an opportunity to start fresh. There are many ways you can help your student succeed:
  • Get organized: Clean out binders and lockers. A clean work space at home makes homework run smoother.
  • Go to bed early: Research tells us that it is difficult for teenagers to get up in the morning; an early night to bed can help your student to have more energy for the school day.
  • Utilize Extended Day: Extended Day is an opportunity for students to stay after school to get extra help. Monday through Thursday, Extended Day goes until 4:30, although students can leave earlier with parent permission. Busing is available at 4:40 with drop-off locations at local elementary schools and the Silver Maple area.
  • Encourage your child to join a sport or club: Involvement in activities helps kids to feel more attached and increases self-esteem. Parents can join the Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO) to work together with Dempsey staff!
  • Reach out to the school: Keep in contact with your student's teachers and school counselor. Ask questions. Attend parent/teacher conferences in February.
  • Keep on top of your student's grades by checking PowerSchool.

High School Scheduling

A letter to eighth grade families was mailed home in mid-January about the high school scheduling process. Hayes counselors will come over to Dempsey to speak with eighth graders at the end of January. Shortly after, students will receive scheduling packets and attend a meeting with their parents at Hayes. From there, students will have a couple of weeks to review recommendations from their teachers, decide on potential elective classes, and enter their course requests in PowerSchool. A course selection sheet must be filled out and turned in to Ms. Ziegler. Hayes counselors will be back to Dempsey in the middle of February to meet individually with each student to review course selections. This process will be explained more in depth when Hayes counselors visit Dempsey and at the Parent/Student meeting.

Important scheduling dates:
  • January 27: Hayes counselors at Dempsey during Advisory periods
  • January 29: Eighth graders receive scheduling materials during lunch. Parent/student meeting at Hayes at 6:00pm in the auditorium, to be followed by a Curriculum Fair at 7:00pm.
  • February 14: Course selection sheets due to Ms. Ziegler. Students are to enter course requests in to PowerSchool by this date.
  • February 20 & 21: Hayes counselors at Dempsey to meet individually with students during History classes to review course selections.

Ms. Ziegler is available to help parents and students with all aspects of the scheduling process. High school scheduling can feel overwhelming so please do not hesitate to call or email. Students can ask for help by filling out a blue pass in the office or finding Ms. Ziegler in the Commons during lunches where she will be stationed leading up to the February 14 deadline to answer scheduling questions. Transitioning to high school can also make many students feel anxious. This is a normal reaction to an unknown and something that Ms. Ziegler can assist with.

To sign up for reminders for scheduling deadlines from Remind101, please:

Remind101 is a one-way text message and email system. All personal information remains confidential. Visit for more information on this safe messaging program.

Upcoming Important Dates & Info

Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • February 4: 3:45-7:15pm
  • February 13: 3:45-7:15pm

National School Counseling Week: celebrate school counselors all week long!

  • February 3-7

7th to 8th Grade Scheduling: 7th grade parents should watch their mail for a letter from Mrs. Nicely later this winter concerning the process of scheduling students for 8th grade.

Helpful Internet Resources

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Mrs. Nicely - 7th grade

Ms. Ziegler - 8th grade