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Scottish Fold

A Scottish fold cat is like any other cat but as well as it can also be VERY different to other cats. Scottish fold cats are different from other cats for their ears are folded. As Scottish fold kittens ears are not actually folded at birth and they are born with normal ears at first and then at their first 6-7 weeks of life their ears begin to fold out. If you are lucky, your Scottish fold will be born with folded ears but as it is a high rarity.

First Sights

The first reported Scottish fold was sighted on a farm in Scotland by a farmer named William Ross. As for this he became interested and asked then the owner of the cat if he could have one of they younger Folds. The kitten he took,Susie is her name,was introduced to the farm and Ross was very fascinated.

Example of a Mix Scottish Fold

Scottish Folds can vary between different types of mixes as for a Siamese and a Scottish fold would result in the picture to your right.

Other mixes of the fold

A Scottish fold has many different turn outs through reproducing as for the Siamese mix shown above.Scottish can result as Tabby, Birman,and even an American Shorthair but there are endless mixes of Scottish folds that you could result in.

two types of folds

An average fold usually has a round head with big eyes and is a reasonable medium sized cat and from the different mixes depends on the way they turn out but we are listing characteristics of a full blooded Scottish fold. Number one: there are two types of the fold there is the Highland fold and the Scottish fold but these are both the same cats the only difference is there length of their fur. Highland folds are very long-haired cats. As for the Scottish fold, its hair is a good small size similar to the British Shorthair. To your right is a Highland fold.

More information

If you like what your reading search The Cat Fancier Association (CFA) or Vetstreet. These are both reliable websites that you can look at and learn more of the Scottish Fold.