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April 29, 2021 Home and School Connection

Earth Day projects

What can you do with extra recycling material? Well, the middle school students at DP have been busy collecting, engineering, and using their creative energy in their science classes. The 5th-8th graders have engineered either a Chicago landmark, a portrait, or any kind of object. Each student had to work by themselves to reuse any household recycled items.

Our collection ranged from robots to the famous Adler Planetarium. Let's help our world

by setting the example of reduce, reuse, and recycle. Think GREEN!

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Music Class

As you may have heard, Mr Hawes has left DP. We are so blessed to have Mrs. Janet Reif teaching for the remainder of the year.

We love our DP Bubble Free t-shirts courtesy of our FSA!

To celebrate our DP Family and a successful school year, the FSA would like to gift all students and staff a "We Love our DP Bubble" t-shirt. Please fill out the form below to indicate what size t-shirt you would like. Please complete a separate survey for all of your DP students.

Thank you for all being a part of this wonderful school community!!

Planning for 2021-2022

While we wrap up this school year, we are already started planning for our new school year. As all of our lives change, so does our staff.

Mrs. Pavilonis will be leaving us to start the life or retirement! She has been with our school for a long time and she has been a great asset to our students. We will miss seeing all the science projects she has done with the students, including the egg drop this year with the Westchester Fire Department! We will surely miss her, but look forward to her still coming around to help substitute when she isn't spending time with her grandchildren.

Miss Minneci will also be leaving at the end of this year to pursue a new journey in education. Miss Minneci has brought technology to the Middle School this year by her knowledge of Google Classroom. She has had students working on great projects such as the history fair and helped our students through some tough exams like the State and Federal Constitutions.

First Communion

Please see the important final letter reminder about First Communion below as well as the outline that has been followed this year.

Bring everything needed to school!

Recently, many students are starting to forget things at home. We know that sometimes, things like this just happen. Recently though, many items are being forgotten resulting in calls home and time away from class. According to our handbook:

"No materials other than an electronic device, lunch or water bottles are to be dropped off."

As a reminder, no items should be brought to school if they are forgotten at home and we will no longer allow students to call home for missing items other than their electronic device, lunch or water bottle.

Refer a new family and get a BIG discount!

There is nothing greater than when a family tells us they have heard great things about our school from another family. We really appreciate it! Word of mouth is the best way to learn about the great things going on at our school. Would you please help us out by spreading the word.... share our posts on facebook or instagram.

You can receive $500 off tuition next year by referring a new family! You can receive more than one discount if you refer more families. (You would receive the discount at the end of the 21/22 school year provided the referred family has been current with all tuition payments)

NUT cards! All students who have registered for next year will receive a NUT card! This will give them Friday out of uniform days from March 12- June 4th! The first class to get 100% response about next year (either they are registered or have let us know you will not be returning) will get a pajama day!

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Safe travels- Updated guidance from the Archdiocese of Chicago

  • The Archdiocese of Chicago and Office of Catholic Schools follow the Chicago Emergency Travel Order, for domestic travel regardless of whether the traveler resides in the city of Chicago, Cook County or Lake County. In consultation with our medical advisors, we have updated our travel guidelines to conform to new guidance from public health authorities.

    The following travel quarantine guidelines replace all prior guidance. Remember that public health departments discourage inter-state travel. We continue to recommend that Catholic school families and employees enjoy a safe spring break at home.

    Domestic travel (state-to-state)
    Vaccinated individuals:
    • No quarantine is necessary if the traveler is fully vaccinated, which is defined as two weeks after the second dose of a two-dose COVID-19 vaccination or two weeks after receiving a single-dose COVID-19 vaccination.
    • Proof of vaccination will be required to avoid quarantines.
    • Individual must not have symptoms and must maintain strict masking and physical distancing. If a fully vaccinated individual does have symptoms, he or she must quarantine and consult with a health care provider.
    Non-vaccinated individuals:
    • Ten-day quarantine upon return if there is no negative pre-arrival test (any test administered by a third-party is sufficient; however, a self-administered test is not acceptable) or the traveler is not fully vaccinated (see above for definition of fully vaccinated) OR
    • A pre-arrival negative test (within 72 hours prior to return arrival to the school) with strict masking, physical distancing and avoidance of in-person out-of-school gatherings. Archdiocesan schools should accept any negative test prior to school attendance, but no earlier than 72 hours prior to return arrival to the state. Any test administered by a third-party is sufficient; however, a self-administered test is not acceptable.
    • For domestic travel in states designated as Yellow on the Chicago Emergency Travel Order map, no quarantine or pre-arrival test is required. However, travelers must maintain strict masking and physical distancing.
International travel
Regardless of vaccination status, international travelers must follow CDC guidelines:
  • Traveler is to be tested three to five days after their return to the U.S. and must quarantine for a seven-day period even if the post-arrival test is negative (any test administered by a third-party is sufficient; however, a self-administered test is not acceptable).
  • If traveler chooses not to take a test three to five days after their return to the U.S., he or she must quarantine for 10 days after arrival.
School Vaccinations
The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated families and communities around the world over the past year. However, vaccines are a ray of hope against a killer virus and have gained the approval of public health authorities, Pope Francis and Cardinal Cupich. As communities of faith concerned about the sanctity of human life, our religious leaders and Catholic school heroes are not only encouraging everyone to get vaccinated but are rolling up their sleeves to get a life-saving vaccine themselves.

First day of school for the 2021-2022 school year will be August 19, 2021

Re-Registration for 2021-2022 School Year

We are now in the process of planning for the upcoming school year! Planning for our school budget, textbooks, resources and the programs we can offer is all impacted by our school’s enrollment. This year, we are going paperless! We are asking all our current families to recommit to Divine Providence Catholic School for the 2021-2022 academic year. Please complete re-registration HERE. The registration fee is $200.00 per family (non-refundable).

If you have any new student(s) in your household whom you plan on enrolling at Divine Providence for the next school year, please submit your child’s birth certificate, a new student application, immunization record and Baptismal certificate (if applicable) to Linda Hawkins, Director of Marketing and Enrollment at lhawkins@archchicago.org

If you are not planning on returning to DP for the 2021-2022 school year, please let the school office know. Thank you!

2020 tuition tax document

Click here for instructions on how to obtain necessary tuition documents for 2020.

IMPORTANT - If anyone in your household tests for COVID-19

If you or a family member in your home is tested for COVID- regardless of the reason for the test- we must know about it and document it. Your child and all siblings in school should stay at home until you receive the result. If a family member is found positive, your child will need to be in quarantine. The quarantine would last 14 days providing the positive person is in isolation. If they break isolation, it is labeled a "complex quarantine" and students will need to be in isolation and quarantine. This is 24 days total. Final decision regarding how long a student must miss school is decided by the Archdiocesan nurse. Her decision is based on the information you provide to us. It is imperative that families be truthful in their position. Our goal is for our students to be learning and growing, whether it is in school or in our virtual school.

The reality is that children may be positive with the slightest of symptoms. Always keep our school in your communication.

Happy Birthday!

April 29 - Ronan in 1st grade

April 30 - Liz in 8th grade

May 1 - Julieta in 1st grade

May 2 - Aniyah in 4th grade

May 5 - Jospeh in Kindergarten

May 6 - Georgia in grade 8

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April Lunch *

April 30 - NO SCHOOL Teacher in-service

May 3 - Chicken Tenders

May 4 - Cheeseburger

May 5 - Popcorn Chicken

May 6 - Hot Dog

May 7 - Beef and Cheese Tacos

May 10 - Pizza Crunchers

May 11 - Breaded Chicken Sandwich

May 12 - Hamburger

May 13 - jumbo Cheese ravioli

May 14 - Roasted Chicken drumstick

May 17 - Mini corn dogs and hot pretzel bites

May 18 - Italian Cheese and Garlic cheesy pull apart

May 19 - Cheesy flatbread

May 20 - Salisbury steak with gravy

May 21 - Pizza dippers

May 24 - hot dog

May 25 - French toast sticks

May 26 - hamburger

May 27 - NO LUNCH, early dismissal

May 28 - rotini with meat sauce

May 31 - NO SCHOOL, Memorial Day

* Menu subject to change

April 30 - NO SCHOOL, faculty inservice

May 1 - First Communion

May 11 - Late Start 9AM

May 27 - Early Dismissal

May 31 - NO SCHOOL, Memorial Day

June 1 - Last day of school for 8th grade

June 1 - 8th grade Graduation at DI 6 PM

June 8 - Last day of school dismissal at 1:30 PM

Calendar changes

We recently have made a few changes to our school calendar. This year, the responsibilities of teachers have drastically increased. The amount of planning time has decreased. For this reason, we are going to begin some early dismissals to allow teachers more time to effectively plan. Dismissal time will be 1:00. Students will have time to eat a snack at school but will not have lunch. Early dismissals will take place on the last Thursday of each month. After care will be available. Students going to after care may bring their own lunch to eat.

2021 Early dismissal dates:

May 27

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