Alfred Hershey

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Hrshey's Background

Born December 4, 1908 and died May 22, 1997

He studied Bacteriophage

Mother: Alma Hershey

Father: Robert Hershey

Wife: Harriet Hershey

Son: Peter Hershey

He lived in Owosso, Michigan when he was a kid.

After high school he attended Michigan State University

Graduating in 1934, He earned his Ph.D

After getting his Ph.D, Hershey accepted a position at the Washington University School of Medicine in the department of Bacteriology. After a while he got a job at the Carnegie Institution of Washington's Department of Genetetics at Cold Spring Habor. In 1952, Working with Martha Chase, they discoverd that viral DNA is the genetic code material that gets injected into a bacterium cell.

5 facts about Bacteriophage

1: They can be found every where bacteria exist

2: Frederick W. Twort independently discoverd bacteriophage in Great Britian

3: Injects DNA into a bacterium cell

4: Its also called phage

5: Its a infect bacteria


Hershey shared the 1969 Nobel Prize for Physlology or Medicine with Max Delruck and Salvador Luria.

In 1979, a building on the grounds of Cold Springs Harbor Labratory was dedicated to him

Heshey became the director of the Genetics reaseach unit in Cold Springs Harbor Labratory

How he helped the world

1: Helped people understand how phage works

2: He made avery's hypothosis into a fact

3: Helped reasearchers understand viruses now

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Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase