The Nile River



Transportation is a common thing, everyone in the world uses it. The Egyptians have multiple ways of getting place to place. One is by boat traveling down the Nile, the used reed pipes and bamboo, and used rope to bind the other materials together, to build boats to travel. Another is by foot, they would walk town to town to get resources. If you were of higher classes and could afford horses, you could become a soldier and ride in a chariot.


In modern day society we worship some things, so did the Egyptians. They worshipped gods of the things the needed to survive.

* Anubis

* Geb

* Ra

* Horus

* Isis

* Seth

* Thoth

*The Nile

Those are the main gods the Egyptians worshipped, some are top gods or leaders in Egypt

Daily life

Farm Life


The farm land around the nile was better than any other spot in egypt.This was because the nile makes the land around it soft and fertile which is great for farming. this had helped egypt keep a great resource of food,but were attacked by swarms of locusts.


The ancient egyptians used hyroglyphics as a form of writng, in which only the scribes were able to read.