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"How did my grandfather live during the vietnam war"

Vietnam War

My grandfather was born in Vietnam around August 1944, the Vietnam War started in 1955 by this time my grandfather was still a child, my grandpa joined the war in 1964 at the age of 20 , my grandfather was in the war for only a short time of about 1 or 2 years because he had no combat skills and was shot in the left leg by a stray bullet.


After his military career he went back to his family to help them with the farm, Vietnam had very rich fertile soil so most of the crops my grandpa and his family planted was rice, there were many rice fields but other than rice he and his family planted cassavas, gourds, pitaya, and bitter melon. and plants were not the only thing they had, they also raised cows,pigs and chickens.
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My grandpa had three children two sons and one daughter and my dad was the oldest of the three siblings. My grandfather made my father, aunt, and uncle help him with the farm and when they grew up to become fine adults, my grandpa immigrated to America to find a better place for him and his family.