Let It Go

Be the change you wish to see in the world

Women's Charitable Organization



My name is Keiry Velis I'm a advocate and strong believer In the art of letting go. I have been studying this immense power for awhile and to surprise it has fulfilled my life in so many incredible ways believe me, you are on the verge of the single greatest discovery any human being can ever make. The secret of letting go not only holds the key for ending what is unwanted, but locked within it supreme secret is the beginning of your new life-the birth of a new nature that never has to hold on to anything because it is already everything. Dare to proceed let the following special insight speed you on your way. I am excited to say I have teamed up with an incredible organization called Let It Go! This organization will change your perspective of what love really is. Love let's go while fear holds tight. We have a goal to provide fully styled out fits for women who don't have the fundamental resources to get that feeling we all desire to have. Come on ladies! we all get that enamored feeling when we put on that dress we love. having the right outfit can really change your perspective in life, and even though true beauty lies in your heart, sometimes we all need that extra confident boost to get us up and going in life so we can allow our wildest dreams come true. And if an outfit is all it takes I am all for it! And together that is what we will accomplish with let it go!

I am the Change!

Let it go will allow you to make a change in our community as well in your own life. Being able to let go of the things you love most, helps you to welcome the beautiful things the universe conspires you to have. Sometimes we feel that holding on tight to the things we have is the only way to keep them forever but, the truth is that letting go is very simple and, above all, natural; as natural for you and me as it is for a tree to shed the heavy, sun-ripened fruit that clings to its branches. Why? Because both man and tree in fact all living things, are created to drop what is no longer needed. For the tree, the falling fruit carries the mature seed to the ground. No unnatural force is necessary . In a similar fashion- that is to say under higher and equally excepting laws- these same friendly forces are waiting to do for you what you haven't been able keeps to do for your self. You need to only learn to cooperate with these powerful and timeless principle to be able to let go of what you no longer need. The world keeps on changing and it is a part of nature to let go of the beautiful things we have and allow the wonderful things we deserve to keep flowing and moving with such ease. Let's make a difference in the world and Let it go to allow the new to inundate our world. And that's why when ever you donate your beloved item I will let go of one of mine to you, so we can let it go together!