New Novel Sets

For low readers

Blindside by Aidan Chambers

RA 8 years (Green Box 21)

Nate is a keen runner. Not only that, but he's good. He is the best in his club and a future as an athlete seems promising.

Then comes a terrible bike accident. Now in hospital, Nate must come to terms with his lack of mobility. He must learn to use a wheelchair and accept that even after extensive physio his leg will never fully recover. It's not easy trying to face the fact that his running dreams are over. A resentful Nate wallows in his own bitterness, rejecting the kindness of those around him and snubbing his former running friends. Then a combination of a congenial nurse and an extraordinary fellow patient with a heart defect help Nate to accept the alternative path the future holds for him.

Ideal for those with reading difficulties including dyslexia or reluctant readers, the book is short and accessible and still packs a real punch. The account is factual, convincing and unsentimental, whilst still managing to engage and move the reader.

Six Hours by Pete Johnson

RA 7 years (Green Box 22)

Humorous and perceptive tale exploring the pressures of teen life. Dominic has been studying for this history exam for weeks. So when he finds himself faking sick and following Lara, one of the coolest girls in school, off the grounds he wonders what's happened to his common sense. Having both feigned sickness for different reasons Dominic, nick-named the Nerd and Lara, the hottest girl in the class, find fun in sharing their very different but equally real problems as they enjoy a day off from the pressures of their lives.

Particularly suitable for struggling, reluctant and dyslexic readers.

ANZAC Boys by Tony Bradman

RA 8+ years (Yellow Box 35)

The orphanage in London is cold and hard and horrible, so when the priest promises the Barker brothers a better life in Australia, they jump at the chance.

But it's not better, it's hard work, separation and no one caring whether or not they live or die. They are transported out of the country to serve as cheap labour in the British colonies and end up separated; Bert to Australia and Frank to New Zealand. Years pass. As the Great War dawns in Europe, the ANZACs send their soldiers to storm Gallipoli and the brothers are finally united, in an environment even worse than anything they've known before.

Inspired by a true story, a great book for boys interested in war and for reluctant readers.

The Ghost Box by Catherine Fisher

RA 8 years (Yellow Box 36)

14-year-old Sarah is trying to settle into a new home and new family, but her annoying step brother Matt is making things difficult. When Sarah finds an old silver box in her room she thinks Matt is just playing another prank, but when a voice comes from inside the box Sarah realises there are darker forces at work. Should she unlock the box as the voice asks, or could it be a trap?

This spooky thriller is a short and simple read ideal for reluctant and struggling readers.

Desirable by Frank Cotrell Boyce

RA 8 years (Yellow Box 36)

A touching comedy from the author of Millions and Cosmic. George's birthday is as uneventful as ever. Until he opens his grandad's present and finds some aftershave and cufflinks from 1982. George's mum wants to recycle it, but for some strange reason George wants to hang on to it. And when he opens it, some very strange things start happening.

Geeky George, whose passion for Warhammer games has long made him a social outcast, is transformed by this past its sell by date after shave. Suddenly everyone wants to be George’s friend. Can he escape? A humorous look at the pitfalls of popularity.

Good for reluctant readers, especially boys.