Chain Reaction of Cruelty: Bullying

By: Eric Briggs

Mental Side Affect

The mentality of a child that is being bullied becomes dark and is devours the creative imagination of a child. The mind could alter in thought and growth, which leads to suicidal thoughts. The feeling of being lost and abandon can change a person’s mental state. The mental state of the person whom has been bullied tends to affect the person when they come of age. The state of the victims whey they are older is very unhealthy. Being bullied could cause someone to be diagnosed with a serious illness.

Behavior Issues

Commonly, a victim’s personality as a person could change into two different way: sensitive with the feeling of being lost in the world or mold into a hard-shell that is usually unbreakable from hardships, love, friendship, kindness, and family. The difference in personality of the victim does not change automatically like a switch. The revolution of their character takes time, because the pain these kids deal with start to eat them alive psychologically. For instance, a shy kid with many family problems gets verbally abused will have an alternative effect than the kid who is being physical abused.

The Importance of Ending Bullying

The issue is relevant to me and you in many different ways. As, a student body we see these situations happen all the time. We see in class, hallways, and even the cafeteria. It affects all of us, because it can happen to any of us. Sometimes it happens around us, and we never have the guts to stop it.

Interesting Facts and Philosophies

  1. "The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry has researched that bullying has some type of side effects from this brutality."
  2. "The mental state of the person whom has been bullied tends to affect the person when they come of age."
  3. "Approximately 4,400, 8-10 year old children commit suicide every year because they are victims of bullying."


Parents should research symptoms of their child being or doing the bullying. For instance, if a parent’s child killed a little innocent well-behaved intellectual child in a prank, the parent would feel shameful. The parent would reckon that they did not do their job right to shape their child’s character better. A parent should never have to feel that they have done their child wrong, and no one should have to judged, because of their differences. In conclusion, bullying alters a person’s character in many different ways. As, student body, we must stand against people who like to judge others. I recommend that our school administration make the school an environment where students may talk about bullying violence. School administrators should create anger management programs for people who need them and a more effective zero-tolerance in the school for people who are being bullied.