Character Profiles

Who's next? fIlm trailer

Lauren Walmsley

Lauren is an 18 year old student who is hosting a halloween party with her best friend Louise. We have decided to keep the names of the the actors the same for their characters as they are not identified in the trailer. Although we only see quick shots of Lauren, she is one of the main characters and becomes one of the victims of the serial killer.

Louise James

Louise is also an 18 year student hosting the halloween party with Lauren. Again she does not seem to be important but she also becomes one of the serial killers victims along with her best friend. Having 2 main characters makes the trailer flow better.

Amy Ludford

Amy again has her own name due to not being identified and she is an 18 year old. She is one of the people attending the party and ends up being killed in the trailer, we see this in a scene in the trailer where she is dead on the bathroom floor.

News Reporter

The news reporter does not have a proper name for the trailer as we only see her for a few seconds, she announces the news that the serial killer has escaped from prison, this scene is filmed outside the police station to make it look more realsistic.

Serial Killer

This is the villain in our trailer who wears the clown mask. He turns up to the party uninvited and created an eerie, dramatic atmosphere throughout there trailer, he is the murderer of Amy.