Pearl Harbor Survivor Story

Cameron Fletcher

Surving Sailor's Story

"It was early in the morning, around 7. Everyone was asleep, at church, or doing the chores required of us. That was when we saw them, Japanese planes, at first we thought it was our fly boys out for practce, that was until the Arizona exploded. Those of us on deck didn't know what to do we wer dumb-founded, who would attack us? We were brought out of shock as the deck was strafed with machine gun fire, it brought down so many of us. That was when other ships started exploding. By the end of their attack we had lost upwards of 2,000 Americans. We also lost more than 8 ships, and 200 planes. I think, this was supposed to intimidate us, and get oil. I still can't believe that they attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii of all places. They will pay for this, and this day, December 7th, 1941 will be remembered for years to come."