Jesse Woodson James

Legendary Outlaw and Gun Slinger


Jesse James and his brother Frank James were among the most notorious outlaws of the American west. He was also known for being a murderer, thief, and an organized crime boss. He was born on September 5, 1874 and passed away on April 3, 1882 and he was born in Centerville, Missouri. Jesse James and his brother fought as confederates in the Civil War. In 1882 he was shot in the back of the head and immediately died. The James brothers were wanted and the governor of Missouri offered $10,000 to capture them. Jesse grew up with his stepfather because his father left to minister to gold prospectors in California. A posse captured the three younger brothers of Jesse and Frank James but Jesse and Frank escaped but were wounded. The famous bank robbery attempted by the James brothers and their gang was at the first national bank of Northfield, Minnesota.


  • September 5, 1847- Jesse James was born
  • 1850- Father left to minister in California
  • 1863- Jesse and Frank James joined the Confederate side in the CIVIL WAR
  • April 23, 1874- Jesse James married Zerelda
  • September 7, 1876- James brothers attempted the most famous bank robbery
  • 1882- Governor of Missouri offered a $10,000 reward for Jesse and Frank James, DEAD OR ALIVE.
  • April 3, 1882- Jesse James was shot in the back of the head by Robert Ford

Famous Quote said by Jesse James

"Surrender had played out for good with me, my pistols, however, I always kept by me".

By Michael Mazariegos