Slave Experience: Middle Passage

Middle Passage Terrors


Africans were stolen and kidnapped from their land by other natives hired by Europeans. These slaves were taken away from their families and home, which they will never see again. They were forced into ships, which would sail across the Atlantic.

Middle Passage: Boat Trip

Africans are stuffed into ships and were viewed as cargo with no human rights. The harsh and inhumane conditions caused many to die of diseases. Some slaves tried to jump off the boat during the trip. Some slave trips only had 3ft by 3ft slots for slaves to stay in during the months of the trip. The more tightly packed the ships were, the more slaves died. Slaves that got sick were chained together with a weight and thrown off the ship, because sick people cannot do slave work once they get to the colonies.

Middle Passage Trip Pictures

The Colonies

Once the ship arrives at the New World, they are sold accordingly to how much work force they provide. Once they were sold, they belonged to a farmer for their whole life.