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May 4-10

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You all are number one in so many eyes in this building. We take this week to show you our appreciation for all you do. We know the long hours you put into your classrooms and all the extra things you do when no one is looking. Often you are here tired and sick because you know your students need you. You are their number one. Your actions are what make you their number one. A week of appreciation could never be enough, but we hope you will enjoy your week.

Thanks for all you do!

Melissa and Doug

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MAP Testing This Week....

The teachers who are in bold and underlined will be testing in their classrooms. We will place easels out in the C Hallway, F Hallway and by computer lab to signal that students are being tested in classrooms in the hallway. This is everyone's cue to limit the traffic and noise in the hallways. Please limit the amount of student movement in the hallway. Also remember students are testing in the main computer lab.

Also if there is indoor recess and you share a common wall with someone bold and underlined you may be asked to move your class to another location. We want to make our testing environment as conducive as possible.

Monday, May 4-Make Up Testing

Tuesday, May 5- 4th Grade Math: Session 1 (Kunz, Larrew and Peters)

Wednesday, May 6- 4th Grade Math: Session 1 (Schlichter and Zes)

Thursday, May 7- 3rd Grade Math: Session 1 (Keyes, Mueller and Tevlin)

Friday, May 8-3rd Grade Math: Session 1 (Liefer and Spellmeyer)

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The Week Ahead...

Monday, May 4
Pledge- Ferguson (formly know as "Eikmann")

3-5 Collaboration in Grade Chair's Room

2:00 Intruder Drill/Fire Drill Follows

Tuesday, May 5

Pledge- Ferguson

Fourth Grade MAP test- Math (Kunz, Larrew, Peters)

Certified Staff Appreciation Day

9:00 Office Meeting

Wednesday, May 6

National Nurse's Day

Pledge- Ferguson

Fourth Grade MAP test- Math (Schlichter & Zes)

K-2 Collaboration in Grade Chair's Room

3:40 Grade Chair Meeting in Library

PTA Meeting at 7:00 p.m.

Thursday, May 7

* Third Grade Specials- 8:30 a.m.-9:30 a.m.

* Fourth Grade Specials- 10:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.

Pledge- Ferguson

Book Fair Begins

8:00 a.m.- Doug Administrator Mtg @CO

Third Grade MAP test- Math (Keyes, Mueller, Tevlin)

Friday, May 8

* Third Grade Specials- 8:30 a.m.-9:30 a.m.

* Fourth Grade Specials- 10:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.

Pledge- Ferguson

Third Grade MAP Test- Math (Spellmeyer, Liefer)

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Carla Kunstel and Kim Pieper

Your work on the past two Thursdays has not gone unnoticed. These two helped lead a Title 1 Meeting at PVE and Entering Kindergarten Night at LVE. Your leadership abilities are much appreciated.

K-5 and SPED Teachers

Thank you for being prepared for placement meetings. SPED did a great job of thoughtfully placing our SPED students. Classroom teachers came well prepared to the placement meetings. This led to smooth meetings. Please remember this information is not to be shared with anyone as changes can still occur. Do your part to keep it confidential!
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May Birthdays

Melissa Howle ~ May 1

Tara Larrew ~ May (the BIG one)

Amy Prebianca ~ May 2

Doug Holler ~ May 9

Pam Fox ~ May 22

Amy Hoffman ~ May 27

Stephenie Zes ~ May 31