A Christmas Carol background

cody burkle


The Industrial Revolution started in the 18th century. the year of 1812 is when it started.

the industrial revolution was started by John Kay and James Hargeavers.

child labor was present every where at this time mostly because of there parents being in dept for a long time and being in prion for most of there lives.

the people who lived in poverty were treaty vary poorly because of the way the acted to somethings in life and not having any money. so the rich looked down upon them thinking that they are nothing but the bottom of a pile of scum.

after the experiences Charles Dickens had as a kid and growing up in the world, he became vary depressed in his writings and his mentality level was not getting any better either. his creativity was leaving him so he decided that he needed a change in his life so he divorced his wife and tried to keep all there kids but she got one of the kids.

Charles thoughts on the industrial revolution was looked down upon because he did not like the new age of electronics till he seen a cinema and thought oh wow this could help me get more money.

most of the people in the industrial revolution thought it was a good thing and a fun thing but some thought that some of it was just wrong or would make them frond upon in gods eyes.

the industrial revolution helps us understand what was going on with Charles by telling us how he reacted to it and how other people reacted to the experiences of child labor and new technology in the world and new travels etc...